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Trump, il Dodd-Frank Act ei 'bloody minerals' del Congo - L'Indro

Kampala – Venerdì 3 febbraio il Presidente Donald Trump ha firmato due direttive presidenziali per smantellare la legge Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, comunemente definita Dodd-Frank Act. La legge federale fu firmata dal ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda: Is Trump's Plan to Repeal Conflict Minerals Rule a Gift for ... -

Information on the ministry's website indicates that Rwanda has been suffering high due diligence fees for complying with the Dodd Frank Act that are directly paid either by large-scale mining companies or by Rwandan mineral exporters - who in turn ... Leggi

Africa. Trump verso abrogazione legge sui minerali insanguinati - Radio Vaticana

Ecco perché è pronto ad abrogare il "Dodd Frank Act", riaprendo di fatto dopo anni l'importazione di alcune materie prime e “liberalizzando” il mercato dei minerali insanguinati che coinvolge Paesi come il Burundi, l'Uganda, il Ruanda ma soprattutto la ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda launch East Africa Tourism portal - The New Times

All we need is just to actualise it and Rwanda is committed to support this effort,” said Rwanda's High Commissioner to Uganda, Frank Mugambage. The portal is an online platform that is expected to boost tourism in the three East African countries. The ...altro » Leggi

Proposed Trump policy threatens Critically Endangered Grauer's ... -

Trump's plan would nullify the current US Conflict Mineral Rule, passed with bipartisan support in 2010 and enacted as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Dodd Frank Act. Meanwhile, conservationists are hopeful that the Grauer's gorilla ... Leggi

East Africa Countries Unveil Joint Tourism Portal -

Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda, Frank Mugambage, said the joint tourism marketing bid had become a reality and called on the authorities to actualise it. "Rwanda is committed to supporting the regional joint marketing efforts for the region to ...altro » Leggi

Book Review – Inside the Hotel Rwanda: The Surprising True Story…. - KT Press

In 2004, the Academy Award–nominated movie Hotel Rwanda lionized hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina for single-handedly saving the lives of all who sought refuge in the Hotel des Mille Collines during Rwanda's genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. Because ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda: Ex-Journalist to Face President Kagame in August Poll -

He becomes the third person to express interest to run against President Kagame in the August polls, following similar declarations by Frank Habineza, the president of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and controversial catholic priest Thomas ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda: Gishoma peat power plant is grid ready - ESI Africa

"The testing and commissioning were done and we have been asked to fix a few issues, we are working on it and ultimate time will be end of February or beginning of March," Frank Zhang, the company's marketing manager stated. The construction of the ... Leggi

Rwanda: Gishoma Peat Plant Ready for Connection to the National ... -

However, all frustrations will soon be over as, Frank Zhang, the company's marketing manager, said activities are at 99 per cent of implementation with few issues remaining to be fixed before it is handed over to government. "The testing and ... Leggi