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Króna Falls 6% in September - IcelandReview

The Icelandic króna has fallen 6% in respect to the Euro this month, 2% of that dip occurring over yesterday morning, RÚV reports. The Central Bank of Iceland intervened in the exchange market today to prevent further devaluation. It is the first time ... Leggi

Iceland Found Another Way to Clean Up a Financial Crisis - Bloomberg

Iceland did something else: It charged its bankers (and some government officials) with breaking the law, bringing more than 28 cases and 60 prosecutions. 2. 2. Devalue: The local currency, the kroner, was widely assumed to be a goner at the height of ...altro » Leggi

Iceland Aurora (AUR): Will National Altcoins Survive the Crypto Verse Madness? - The Crypto Globalist

Auroracoin (AUR) is one of the fastest growing geo-targeted peer to peer crypto for Icelandic citizenry. The idea of Aurora crypto geo targeting is to evade the local authorities tracking of the local currency, the Krona, which is restricted from ... Leggi

WOW air hope to secure capital for the company - Iceland Monitor

The Icelandic krona has fallen in value in recent days and for example has fallen by 5.63 % compared to the British pound. The Central Bank of Iceland confirmed to yesterday that they had intervened on the exchange market yesterday due to the ...altro » Leggi

First-Ever Official Icelandic Cryptocurrency Exchange Open for Business - Crypto Disrupt

At the time of writing, Skiptimynt is offering just two trading pairs. You can trade both bitcoin (BTC), and auroracoin (AUR) paired with the nation's fiat currency, the Iceland Krona (ISK). Auroracoin is an Icelandic cryptocurrency that was first ... Leggi

Wow Air plans listing but leaves airport unpaid - Travel Weekly UK

Wow offers cheap flights between Europe and the US via Iceland's Keflavik airport. However, Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladet reported Wow owes two billion Icelandic krona (€16 million) to airport operator Isavia in unpaid charges at Keflavik. It ... Leggi

Icelandic film industry experiences recession - Iceland Monitor

Renowned film stars have come to Iceland to take part in projects, including Star Wars and Fast & the Furious. Dagfinsson blames the high exchange rate and the strength of the Icelandic krona for this development. "So many films have been filmed here. Leggi

A tip on saving money on treats to bring home: Don't buy whimsical candy at a souvenir store! - Iceland Magazine (press release)

The liquorice filled chocolates "Icelandic Puffin Eggs", which are sold at 990 ISK per 150 g bag at souvenir shops are the same candy as Djúpur. A bag of Djúpur is sold for 298 ISK at Bónus. The markup? A cool 232%. The same goes for The Icelandic ... Leggi

This Is The First Official Cryptocurrency Exchange In Iceland - OracleTimes

Besides, now, Iceland got its first official cryptocurrency exchange platform, Skiptimynt, which, for the time being, offers only two trading pairs, ISK (Iceland Krona) / Auroracoin (AUR) and Bitcoin (BTC) / ISK. The Iceland Krona (ISK) is Iceland's ... Leggi

Iceland Sees First Official Cryptocurrency Exchange Registration - Live Bitcoin News

It should be noted that Skiptimynt is not the first cryptocurrency exchange to set up shop in Iceland. That honor belongs to ISX, which started in May 2016. However, ISX only allows trading between the krona and AUR, and it's not very active, handling ... Leggi