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Analyst Recommendation Update on Shares of Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) - Stock Voice

Viewing some popular support and resistance marks on shares of Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO), we can see that the 52-week high is presently $39.53, and the 52-week low is currently $21.39. When the stock is trading near the 52-week high or 52-week ... Leggi

Many Investors Taking a Second Look at Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) After Recent Market Moves - The Coin Guild

Major market players are buzzing over Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) as their share price hit $21.91 at the end of the most recent trading session. Outstanding shares are common stock authorized by a company that are issued, purchased, and held by ... Leggi

Analyst Consensus Target Update on Shares of Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) - Lakeland Observer

Sell-side analysts following Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) have been making their best calculations on where they believe the stock is heading. ... Looking at some recent action, we note that the stock has been seen trading near the $23.52 mark.altro » Leggi

Investor Center: Tracking the Numbers for Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) - Steele Herald

Monitoring recent stock price activity on shares of Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) we have noted that the stock price has been trading near $23.52. Turning the focus to some historical price information, we note that the stock has moved -24.15% over ...altro » Leggi

Devon Energy Corporation (NYSE:DVN) Insider Selling Update - LNR

According to the latest Filings, Devon Energy Corporation (NYSE:DVN) have decreased their position in the stock by -0.78% over the past 6 months. ... Others may employ a combination of the two approaches to make sure no stone is left unturned ... Leggi

EPS in Focus on Shares of Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO) - Hartsburg News

Let's shift the focus and look at some historical stock price action on shares of Stone Energy Corporation (:TALO). After a recent market scan, we have seen that the stock has been trading near the $21.58 level. Investors may also be tracking the ... Leggi

Eni, Lukoil in Mexico Offshore Tie-up; Talos Considering More M&A - Natural Gas Intelligence

Zama is part of Block 7, which the consortium was awarded in Round 1.1. Duncan also said that Talos, which this year completed its acquisition of Stone Energy Corp. and Whistler Energy II LLC, may pursue merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in Mexico ... Leggi

Sizing Up Bloom Energy Corporation (NYSE:BE) as Cash Flow Moves -0.83012 - Richland Standard

Bloom Energy Corporation (NYSE:BE) currently has one year cash flow growth of -0.83012 1yr Growth Cash Flow = 1 year percentage growth of a company's Cash Flow from operations (Cash Flow Statement). Analyzing cash flow can ... Following a pre-defined ... Leggi

Houston American Energy Corp (HUSA): KAMA Trending Higher on This Stock - Hawthorn Caller

After a recent check, we have noted that the KAMA has been trending higher over the prior five trading periods for Houston American Energy Corp (HUSA). Traders keeping an eye on the signal might be watching for a possible positive shift in near-term ...altro » Leggi

Peabody Energy Co. (BTU) Shares Bought by Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC - Baseball Daily News

Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC lifted its holdings in shares of Peabody Energy Co. (NYSE:BTU) by 145.2% in the ... CIBC Asset Management Inc purchased a new stake in shares of Peabody Energy during the second quarter worth approximately $210,000 ...altro » Leggi