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Viral Video of Drone-Hunting Tigers Hides Dark Reality - Live Science

Tiger farming and selling farmed tiger pelts is legal in China, said Banks, while trade in the bones has been banned since 1993. Still, the system sees its share of abuses. "We've met with a ... The Chinese government claims that parks like the one in ...altro » Leggi

Edison e Inbre siglano un accordo per lo sviluppo di iniziative ... -

Edison e Iniziative Bresciane (Inbre) hanno sottoscritto in data 23 novembre 2016 un Accordo al fine di individuare in Valle Camonica potenziali "ambiti" di investimento congiunto per lo sviluppo di iniziative di efficienza energetica e/o fornitura di ... Leggi

10 Definitive Rules for Trading Penny Stocks Profitably - Lombardi Letter

That's because there are no sure bets when it comes to investing; penny stocks or otherwise (it doesn't matter if you lost money in Bre-X or Enron, you still lost money). Besides, the more you know about a penny stock, the fundamentals and technicals ... Leggi

ALMR: Don't forget hospitality in Brexit negotiations - The

The Association of Licenced Multiple Retailers (ALMR) – a national trade body representing licensed hospitality operators – has today asked the government to ensure that licensed hospitality businesses are guaranteed a clear voice in the run up to Brexit. Leggi

For Israel, the new road to peace runs through Mecca - Jewish News (blog)

They need economic trade and diversification and they need military alliances to contain Iran. ... When new thinking on any issue is instantly labeled treacherous, only inward looking violently inbred and dogmatic ideologies such as jihadism can thrive ...altro » Leggi

California Chrome: The Legend Heads to Taylor Made - Live Trading News

His dam is inbred to a three-quarters sister and brother out of Champion Numbered Account, an outstanding runner and producer who is herself closely inbred to the family of La Troienne, the most important mare imported into the U.S. in the 20th century. Leggi

The Party: a black comedy in black and white - BBC News

If you want to rule your country you have to maintain an inbred arrogance that eventually starts to fall apart in the film. "There's a switch from being articulate to seeing the animal in us. It's a very physical comedy ... The Party received a warm ...altro » Leggi

Times of Israel Lies About Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer - FrontPage Magazine

The article praised HIAS, an organization in the lucrative trade of resettling "refugees" in America while endangering the Jewish community in this country. Cathryn J. Prince.cynically attempted to conflate Nazis with Jewish critics of HIAS in ...altro » Leggi

Maglificio Ripa presents new fabric range with ROICA at Première ... - Knitting Industry

Maglificio Ripa, a leading knitting specialist, will present ESSENZA, a new fabric range with ROICA Colour Perfect and ROICA Eco Smart yarn innovations by Asahi Kasei at the Première Vision trade show, which is taking place in Paris this week ...altro » Leggi

'It's a fraud': Bre-X memories still fresh as 'Gold' hits the big screen - BNN

People wanted to know what the latest news was – or they wanted to influence my reporting in a way that might support whatever position they had taken lately in Bre-X shares. I flew down to New ... No one went to jail. No one was convicted of insider ...altro » Leggi