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Orlando White 2016-02-16 21:01
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Ma non si chiama Alphabet ora?
Admin 2015-08-14 16:13
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Sembra che finalmente Google abbia una ripresa stabile...


AT&T, Verizon To Pull Google Ads, Says The Times - Barron's (blog)

In the newest installment in Alphabet's (GOOGL) advertising brouhaha, AT&T (T) said it is going to pull advertisements from all Google properties other than search, as did Verizon Communications (VZ), as reported first by the U.K.'s The Times. As ... Leggi

The Stunning Results of Trading Options During Earnings in Google ... - Yahoo Finance

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Google's bad week: YouTube loses millions as advertising row ... - The Guardian

Black box machines are now largely responsible for the placement of ads online, using complex trading systems that try to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time for the the cheapest possible price. This process is called ... Leggi

CMO Today: Snap Inc. Shares Begin Trading - Wall Street Journal (subscription)

TWO MINUTE DRILL: Google isn't only interested in attracting subscription revenue with its new, $35-a-month YouTube TV bundle targeting cord-cutters. It's also going after the $70 billion U.S. TV ad market, reports CMO Today. Despite its usage growth, ... Leggi

Pokemon GO update: Google hacks targeted as Niantic issue ... - Daily Star

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Bollore : Coup de froid entre Havas et Google en Grande-Bretagne - TradingSat

PARIS (Reuters) - La filiale britannique d'Havas a annoncé vendredi le retrait de ses publicités de Google et YouTube à la suite d'une polémique, une initiative locale et temporaire qui n'a pas vocation à s'appliquer aux autres marchés du groupe ...altro » Leggi

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