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Tunisia will raise taxes on some luxury items, sell bonds - Reuters

TUNIS, Oct 16 (Reuters) - Tunisia will raise some taxes and freeze public sector recruitment to try to reduce the budget deficit to 4.9 percent, an economic adviser to Prime Minister Youssef Chahed told Reuters on Monday. Tunisia will need about 7.4 ... Leggi

Tunisia's tourism rebounds despite high terror alert - africanews

Officials say tourism revenues are rising, despite risks from I.S. and a weak dinar. “Revenues for the period from January to September 20 in Tunisian dinars increased by 21 percent, in euros, we recorded a slight increase of 6.4 percent,” said head of ...altro » Leggi

Tunisia-Tourism: revenues exceed 2 Billion TD - African Manager (press release) (blog)

We have learnt that tourism revenues, proven and ascertained by the Central Bank of Tunisia, on September 20, 2017, stood at 2.006 billion DT. These revenues in Tunisian dinar grew 20.3% compared with the financial year 2016. Converted to euros ... Leggi

IMF Mission in Tunisia to Assess Advancement of Economic Reforms - Asharq Al-awsat English

According to most economic observers in Tunisia, the country deeply needs those loans paid in hard currency to revive the local economy, cover part of the budget deficit after the collapse of the Tunisian dinar and survive the slow economic growth and ...altro » Leggi

iFinance 4.3.1 - TidBITS

... certain banks, modernizes memory management, adds an option to close the database after a certain amount of timed inactivity, and provides support for currencies with 1/1000 sub units (such as the Tunisian dinar, Bahraini dinar, Iraqi dinar ... Leggi

Loi de finances 2018 : The Tunisian job ! - Business News

Quelle parité dollar-dinar ? Quel taux de croissance anticipé pour l'année 2018 ? Quel rendement espère tirer l'Etat de ses nombreuses taxes et prélèvements ? Toutes des questions qui restent en suspens et dont les réponses se trouvent dans les arcanes ...altro » Leggi

Tunisian dinar falls to lowest rate in years - Middle East Monitor

The Tunisian dinar fell to its lowest rate in years trading at 2.83 against the euro and 2.412 against the US dollar. Authorities explained the decline saying that Tunisia did not receive the last instalment from the International Monetary Fund (IMF ... Leggi

Tunisia: Gasbi pomegranate price lower than last year - FreshPlaza

The demand and the supply are usually among them; however, this year, the most determining one for Gasbi pomegranates, Tunisia's most popular variety, has been the devaluation of the Dinar against the Euro or Dollar. "This year, it is possible to buy ... Leggi

Tunisia Takes Aim at Sagging Dinar With IMF-Backed Rate Hike - Bloomberg

But they're not under the same pressure that Egypt was six months ago, so they can probably afford to devalue the dinar more steadily.” Tunisian authorities have been struggling to revive the economy, which has stumbled since the 2011 ouster of ...altro » Leggi

Tunisia's foreign currency reserves fall to 'weak' levels - Reuters Africa

Tunisia's central bank said on its website that foreign currency reserves had fallen to 11.597 billion Tunisian dinars ($4.8 billion) by Aug. 15, enough to cover 90 days of imports, compared with that 118 days registered in the same period a year earlier.altro » Leggi