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Tunisia: 6 years after a quasi-revolution, a never-ending interregnum - CADTM.org

It is based on a forecast that the price of a barrel of oil this year will be $50 (it has already passed the 52 mark) and that the exchange rate for the dinar will be 2.25 for US $1 (the $ is already at 2.28 TND). In other words, a load of nonsense ...altro » Leggi

Fresh moves to restore Libyan-Tunisian cross-border trade - Libya Herald

But they also resent subsidised petrol and cheap goods from Libyan shops being sold at great profit in Tunisia, thanks in large part to the collapsing Libyan Dinar. In Ben Guerdane, conversely, people want government investment to create jobs and ... Leggi

Will Chinese currency swap help Egypt face dollar crisis? - Al-Monitor

Tunisia walked in the footsteps of Egypt and resorted to the yuan. On Dec. 13, the Central Bank of Tunisia announced that “Tunisia has agreed with China on the currency swap between the yuan and the Tunisian dinar in order to settle some of the trade ...altro » Leggi

Tunisia's dinar hits record lows over tourism, economic data - Reuters

TUNIS, June 16 Tunisia's dinar currency has fallen to record lows versus the euro and the U.S. dollar this week as weaker exports, lower investment and a plunge in tourism revenues have eroded the country's foreign reserves. The dinar traded at 2.47 ...altro » Leggi

Tunisia: Enda Tamweel launches first mobile counters to serve remote areas - African Manager (press release) (registration) (blog)

“For the safety of Enda's customers and employees, all financial transactions will be ensured only through the e-dinar card or the Mobitamweel card and the telephone, in association with the Tunisian Post, “the company said. Since its launch in 1995 ... Leggi

Tunisia: dinar continues to fall against dollar - African Manager (press release) (registration) (blog)

The Tunisian dinar ended the week before with a collapse against the US dollar, reaching 2.1650 TD, in a market dominated by strong demand from large public operators by paying their energy bills. Moreover, the euro was traded at 2.4350 TD, Tustex.com ... Leggi

Tunisia-TD depreciation: we let it go because we cannot afford to intervene,” says BCT - African Manager (press release) (registration) (blog)

During the first quarter alone of 2016, the Tunisian dinar depreciated 3.3% against the euro and appreciated slightly against the dollar (0.7%). On June 1, 2016, the US dollar was traded at 2.1161 TD, its highest level ever. This depreciation does not ... Leggi

ISIS Nice attack killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhiel sent £84k to his family in Tunisia - Daily Mail

Family: His brother Jaber Bouhlel said the 31-year-old terrorist used to send small sums of money home to family Msaken, Tunisia, since he left his hometown and married in France. But last week he smuggled 'a fortune' back to relatives with friends who ... Leggi

Tunisia faces economic battle as Isis terror drives tourists away - Financial Times

Those declines helped stifle economic growth pushing it to less than 1 per cent and added to pressures on the Tunisian dinar, which hit record lows against the US dollar in July. “The tourism sector and travel agencies have been in crisis since the ... Leggi

Tunisian couple wins real cow from mobile game - UPI.com

A couple received a live cow after achieving the top score of Tunisian mobile game Bagra, which is the Arabic word for cow. The couple chose to take the cow live, rather than donating it or having it delivered as raw meat. Other winners have the ... Leggi