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Swedish krona suffers worst week in 7 months - Financial Times

Seven months after a rapid fall in the Swedish krona had analysts suggesting that yield-hungry algorithmic traders had left the currency fundamentally undervalued, the krona is sliding once more, and analysts are again blaming the robots. The stokkie ... Leggi

Swedish krona weakness unlikely to last, says SEB - Financial Times

Carl Hammer, the Nordic bank's chief forex strategist this week, recommended shorting the euro versus the krona. The EUR/SEK on Tuesday hit a five-month intraday high of 9.7837 as the common currency rose to its strongest level against the US dollar ... Leggi

Riksbank QE extension rattles Swedish krona and drags yields lower - Financial Times

Sweden's Riksbank once again swam against the central banking current by extending its government bond-buying programme further, despite continued signs of strength in the Scandinavian country's economy. Sample the FT's top stories for a week. Leggi

FxWirePro: Uphold longs in Swedish Krona versus EUR and JPY via ... - EconoTimes

SEK has been through the mangle this week and we narrowly avoided being stopped in EURSEK. The pressure on the currency stems more from positioning than a re-pricing of monetary policy – indeed, fair-value for EURSEK has been anchored between ... Leggi

A Swedish billionaire lost SEK 71 million in three months after ... - Business Insider Nordic

One of Sweden's most prominent financiers, Mats Qviberg, caused a big uproar in Sweden in February when he announced his entry into the media sphere through an acquisition of the Swedish edition of Metro, a free printed daily newspaper that is also the ... Leggi

US Dollar / Swedish Krona - Dünya Gazetesi internet sitesinde yer alan yazılı ve görsel içerik; izinsiz olarak kaynak gösterilse dahi kısmen ya da tamamen kopyalanamaz, başka yerde kullanılamaz. Piyasa verileri FOREKS Bilgi İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. tarafından sağlanmaktadır. BIST ...altro » Leggi

Billionaire sells Swedish newspaper for only one krona - The Local Sweden

Qviberg's end of the Metro purchase amounted to 20 million krona ($2.28 million), while the shares in Realtid cost him 1.6 million ($183,000). When added to the 50 million krona ($5.7 million) shareolder's contribution he made in order to "ensure that ... Leggi

This hedge fund is making a bundle on the death of a Trump trade -

The fund has been short the New Zealand and Canadian dollars, the Swedish krona and a number of emerging-market currencies. “Unsurprisingly, the stronger US dollar and the risk rally from the end of last year were both detrimental, until the Trump ... Leggi

Here's What It Would Take for Gold to Hit $2000 -

Measuring the U.S. dollar against several foreign currencies -- the euro, Japanese yen, Pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona, and and Swiss franc -- the dollar index provides a glimpse into how the rest of the world perceives the U.S. economy.altro » Leggi

UniCredit SEK, NOK Forecast: Two Nordics Present Buying ... - Exchange Rates UK

As the Oil price collapsed, with Crude Oil WTI and Brent both falling nearly 5% and the Euro surged, both the Swedish Krona and the Norwegian Krone were hammered against the common currency, with EUR/SEK up 0.74% and EUR/NOK up 1.16%.altro » Leggi