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Rwanda: una congiura contro i candidati dell'opposizione? - L'Indro

Al momento quattro i candidati che probabilmente competeranno con il Presidente uscente, Paul Kagame, ovvero Frank Habineza del Partito Verde, Philippe Mpayimana, ex giornalista, Gilbert Mnenedata e Diane Shima Rwigara. I candidati dovranno ...altro » Leggi

Congo: incaricata una ditta israeliana delle PR con Trump - L'Indro

Come primo atto di Donald Trump alla Presidenza riguardo il Congo la legge Frank Dood Act è stata congelata per decreto presidenziale. Una decisione ... Opera anche nei strategici Paesi della East African Community: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania e Uganda.altro » Leggi

Dynamic Rwanda will thrive even without me - Paul Kagame hints of ... - africanews

His probable contenders include Frank Habineza, leader of the Green Democratic Party (the only opposition party authorized for four years). Kagame in response to having a sole opposition party said, as a country of laws and that he as a President was ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda: RPF to Formally Pick Kagame As Flag Bearer -

So far, Mr Frank Habineza, the head of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR), Ms Diane Shima Rwigara, the daughter of deceased businessman Assinapol Rwigara, Mr Gilbert Mwenedata, and Mr Philippe Mpayimana, have expressed their interest ... Leggi

Rwanda: Youth Impact Mission - Skilling Students Beyond Academics -

According to Frank Rubaduka, the coordinator of Youth Impact Mission, they believe the training is vital for any young person to be successful in the labour market. "When a student is equipped with all these skills on top of academics, they already ... Leggi

Kagame speaks out on upcoming election, Rwanda's vision - The New Times

Frank Habineza, leader of the Green Democratic Party (the only opposition party authorized in the last four years) is the only one who can hope to reach 5 per cent of the votes. Returning to Rwanda in early February, from a long exile in Central Africa ...altro » Leggi

Class of 2017: This Student Found Direction for Her Passion in ... - University of Virginia

A course at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy provided the answer. “International Development Policy” tasked students with choosing a developing country and tracking its ... More digging lead Campbell to Anisha Hegde, a second ... Leggi

The impotence of the political opposition - The New Times

In my discussion with Dr. Frank Habineza of the Green Party, the media picked up the sound bite where I said a discussion between his party and the ruling party would be akin to a conversation between a grown up and a child. Habineza claimed that the ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda: Unbowed By Mudslinging, Diane Vows to Soldier On in ... -

Several other prospective candidates have announced similar intentions for the top job in Rwanda, among them Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, former journalist Philippe Mpayimana and Gilbert Mwenedata, who will contest as ...altro » Leggi

Rwanda Ambassador in Uganda tells youth to reject divisive ... - Independent

Rwanda's High Commissioner to Uganda Maj.Gen (rtd) Frank Mugambage has rallied young people to be wary of divisive ideologies like genocide, warning that ...altro » Leggi