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Peru Securities Commission removes suspension of Trading Order ... - MarketWatch

... failure to obtain or complete project financing for the Ollachea Gold Project (including the Senior Debt Facility), changes in the price of precious metals and commodities, changes in the relative exchange rates of the US dollar against the ...altro » Leggi

Tahoe Resources Declares First Monthly Dividend For 2017 - MarketWatch

... the exchange rates among the Canadian dollar, Guatemalan quetzal, Peruvian nuevo sol and the United States dollar remaining consistent with current levels; and the Company's ability to obtain financing as and when required and on reasonable terms.altro » Leggi

Stop calling it "nuevo sol," says Peruvian Congress - Peru this Week

In a swift and subtle vote, Congress decided to change the name of the Peruvian nuevo sol. No longer will it be called “nuevo sol”, but they have voted to change it to simply, “sol.” Today Congress passed in the first and second votes, the bill 1432 ... Leggi

The Strange Case Of Gramercy And The Peruvian Land Bonds - Forbes

The currency was replaced twice, once in 1985 when the Inti replaced the Sol de Oro at a rate of one to one thousand, and again in 1991 when the Nuevo Sol replaced the Inti at a rate of one to one million. The Land Bonds, issued in Sol de Oro, became ... Leggi

Copper prices send nuevo sol to six-year low at 3.20 per dollar - Peru Reports

Positive economic data United States is further pressuring the nuevo sol's decline. A likely interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve will make it difficult for Peruvian businesses and consumers who earn soles to service their dollar-denominated ... Leggi

Sol Must Be Lower to Face World Financial Whirlwind - Andean Airmail & PERUVIAN TIMES

The ministry says Peru will be growing this year at five or six percent. The Nuevo Sol is one of the world's strong currencies —see chart— up there with the GBP Sterling and only a bit behind the US dollar, the inscrutable Renmimbi and the Swiss ...altro » Leggi

Peru's Sol Volatility Surges Most in Seven Years Before Election - Bloomberg

Citigroup Inc. this week recommended investors sell the Peruvian sol against the dollar until after the first round of elections on the view that Mendoza's momentum may carry her past Kuczynski. The risk is that Mendoza loses and the sol rallies ...altro » Leggi

Reuters: 3 Peruvian Nuevo Soles value at 1 US$ - Peru this Week

The Peruvian nuevo sol currency went down .10% and finally reached 3 soles per dollar today, according to an article by Reuters. The news agency reported that November's low growth, a surprise to all, is accountable for the drop. Reuters called it ...altro » Leggi

Peru's currency falls sharply amidst economic crisis - World Socialist Web Site

The sharp fall in the value of Peru's currency, the nuevo sol, against the US dollar—crossing the psychological benchmark of 3 soles to the dollar last week—signifies a turning point in the economic future of the country. The last time the Peruvian ...altro » Leggi

House Hunting in ... Lima - New York Times

One of the home's special features is an iron chimney in the living room designed by the Peruvian artist Víctor Delfín, which radiates heat throughout the house. Glass doors in the dining room and living room lead to the garden. The dining room was ... Leggi