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The Peruvian paradox: surging mineral production, lagging tax ... - Oxfam America (press release) (blog)

This mechanism ensures regional and local governments get their share of the revenues collected by the Peruvian state for the economic exploitation of natural resources. Between 2013 and 2017, $3.8 billion (12,415 billion soles) was transferred to ... Leggi

Foreign exchange rates - Financial Post

Peruvian new sol 0.3962. Russia rouble 0.0195. Saudi riyal 0.3503. Singapore dollar 0.9517. South Africa rand 0.08998. South Korean won 0.001157. Sweden krona 0.1426. Switzerland franc 1.3206. Taiwanese dollar 0.04256. Thailand baht 0.0394. Leggi

Andean market heats up as issuers look to local options - LatinFinance

Today in Peru, Banco Ripley also unveiled plans to issue Peruvian soles and picked Credicorp Capital to lead proceedings. In Chile, BTG Pactual Rentas Inmobiliarias II fund is preparing to issue up to UF2.5m ($105m) in inflation-linked paper. The ... Leggi

Land and sea ceviches from Peru and Ecuador - Los Angeles Times

As it turns out, the whole roasted guinea pig was not the most memorable dish from a recent trip to Peru and Ecuador. And it wasn't the tree tomatoes or polka-dotted potatoes either. Of all the new foods I experienced during my recent travels, it's the ...altro » Leggi

Footage of sole survivor of Amazon tribe emerges - The Guardian

In these areas near the Peruvian border, it is believed that isolated groups could have fled a rubber boom a century ago, when many indigenous peoples were enslaved, and have avoided contact ever since. More groups have been discovered as the ... Leggi

Kibaki's Asset Bubble - The Exchange

The twentieth and twenty-first century saw the collapse of many currencies such as the Zimbabwean Dollar, the Argentine Peso, the German Papiermark, the Peruvian Sol and the Chilean Escudo. So, the central banks have got to defend their currencies and ... Leggi

To eat “cuy,” or not to eat “cuy,” that is the question. Nevadans travel ... - Elko Daily Free Press

ELKO – The saying goes, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” All but one member of a group of northern Nevadans followed suit when served the national dish of Peru: “cuy,” or guinea pig. Roasted whole on a platter, the dish is considered a delicacy by ... Leggi

Over 35 Passengers Injured in Machu Picchu Train Crash - Andean Airmail & PERUVIAN TIMES

The local train is for Peruvian tourists (a nominal 20 soles for the return ticket), but availability is subject to the service's priority passengers — people who live locally along the route. However, when there are no tickets available, “many of the ... Leggi

Peruvians are Going to Extreme Lengths to Convince Ricardo ... - Remezcla (blog)

Gareca's contract expired at the end of June and the Argentine coach decided to take a break and consider his options, leaving the door open for other possible suitors: “I've asked the president of the Peruvian Soccer Federation to give me time to ... Leggi

Secret Service stages raids in Peru to shut down counterfeiting ... - Coin World

The warrants resulted in the discovery of an offset printing press, paper and miscellaneous counterfeit paraphernalia; $7,200,000 in counterfeit $100 Federal Reserve notes; and counterfeit Peruvian notes mimicking 12,000,000 soles (at face value worth ... Leggi