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Indian rupee breaches INR180 mark against Omani rial - Times of Oman

Muscat: The value of a single Omani rial reached a high of INR180.50, early on Monday morning, exchange houses confirmed. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) intervened and the currency has stabilised at INR180.35 per rial. Similarly, the value of ... Leggi

Iranian rial extends record fall - Times of Oman

On Sunday, the Iranian rial plunged to 111,500 against one US dollar on the unofficial market, down from about 97,500 rials on Saturday, according to foreign exchange website Bonbast.com. Other websites said the dollar was exchanged between 108,500 ... Leggi

First 20 rial note with His Majesty the Sultan's image released - Muscat Daily

The tweet reads, “A third set of banknotes now called Rial Omani were issued in 1976 CE to mark the sixth National Day. It also featured an image of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said on the front, making it the first time in the history of ...altro » Leggi

Indian rupee dips to a new low, remittances set to rise - Times of Oman

Muscat: The value of a single Omani rial reached the high of Rs180.50, early on Monday morning, exchange houses said. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) intervened, early in the day and the Indian currency stabilised at Rs180.35 per rial. Leggi

As rial crumbles, Iran rebuffs 'speculation' it may hold talks with US - The Times of Israel

Oman hosted Iranian and Obama administration officials during the negotiations leading to the 2015 nuclear deal meant to limit Iran's nuclear program. The visit has been seen by some as a sign that Oman is acting as a mediator between the US and Iran. Leggi

L'Iran rifiuta la proposta USA di un incontro al vertice - Réseau Voltaire

Con l'approssimarsi di queste scadenze, l'economia iraniana cola sempre più a picco. Il rial, che a fine 2017 veniva scambiato a 42.000 contro un dollaro, alla fine del mese di luglio 2018 è passato a 110.000. Da sette mesi il Paese ... Il ministro ... Leggi

Our Oman: 'Thanks to HM for giving me responsibility of Central ... - Times of Oman

Al Amri shed light on the introduction of the Omani Rial into the country and the currencies that were used before HM became the ruler of Oman. “Before the 70s, Oman had a very strong trade history, and due to that they had a tendency to use other ...altro » Leggi

Foreign currencies seized from Dubai-bound passenger - Business Standard

Foreign currencies totally worth Rs 40 lakh have been seized from a Dubai-bound passenger at the airport here, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence said today. The officials found assorted foreign currencies -- Kuwait Dinar, Oman Rial, Bahrain Dinar ...altro » Leggi

“Economia di resistenza”: così l'Iran si prepara a nuove sanzioni - ISPIonline

A metà 2013 gli indicatori economici erano gravemente peggiorati: il rial svalutato di circa il 70% e il tasso di disoccupazione salito al 14%, in un contesto segnato dall'aumento dei prezzi dei beni di prima necessità. ... continueranno quelle verso ...altro » Leggi

Oman FM in Washington 'trying to reduce Iran-US tensions' - The New Arab

Oman's effective Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah was in Washington this week holding meetings with US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, reportedly with the intention of trying to de-escalate tensions between the US and Iran, according to ...altro » Leggi