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Omani rial depreciation rumours dismissed by CBO boss - Times of Oman

'The latest data affirms the continuous appreciation of the U.S. dollar against other currencies which in turn led to appreciation of the value of the Omani rial against such currencies, thus enhancing the purchase power of the Omani rial, he concluded.altro » Leggi

Omani Rials still changeable in Saudi Arabia - Times of Oman

A rumor was spread among the exchange houses in Saudi Arabia, regarding a 0.5 percent customs tax on Omani Rial transfers. “We talked to the Central Bank of Oman and they ensured that there isn't any change in the exchange rate. There also isn't any ...altro » Leggi

Oman government withdraws customs duty on bank notes - Times of Oman

In fact, the customs department had decided to introduce customs duty on imported bank notes on February 13, which jacked up the value of foreign currencies (against Omani rial) sold by money exchanges for a few days as the exchange houses were ...altro » Leggi

Houthis set import cap, suspend dollar buying in Yemen - Times of Oman

Money changers in Aden, worried by instability and speculation in the market, also suspended trading in foreign currency on Tuesday over the sharp drop in the value of the rial, which some said had increased since Hadi's government pumped some 200 ...altro » Leggi

Gas prices in Oman burn holes in pockets - Times of Oman

Another expat who has been learning to drive for the last three years said: “I used to pay six rials when I first started but then there was a hike in the fee. I changed my instructor at about the same time and he said that I needed to pay seven rials ... Leggi

Import substitution is key to strengthen Oman's manufacturing ... - Times of Oman

A major challenge faced by Oman's manufacturing industry is a strong US dollar. Omani rial, similar to other GCC countries' currency, is pegged with the dollar.With the latter being at historically high levels, Omani exports are likely to be hit as a ...altro » Leggi

Bank credit of conventional banks in Oman increases by 6.5% - Times of Oman

The overnight rial Omani domestic inter-bank lending rate increased to 0.475 per cent in November 2016 from 0.153 per cent a year ago. The average Repos rate for liquidity injection by the CBO stood at 1.048 per cent per annum during the month of ... Leggi

Budget Eats: Inexpensive Yet Delicious Sandwiches - Times of Oman

Encased in toasted unleavened bread and packed to the brim with a filling of your choice, crunchy fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and ketchup, their wraps cost anywhere between 700 baisa and a single Omani Rial. Another wrap-style option is the Al ... Leggi

Bank interest rates in Oman increase amid tight liquidity situation - Zawya

According to the latest monthly statistics released by the Central Bank of Oman, the weighted average interest rate of deposits in Omani rial increased from 0.904 per cent to 1.443 per cent in November 2015 and November 2016 period. During the same ...altro » Leggi

Oman attracts Chinese investment - Zawya

“Soon after the official launch we have plans to start work on half a million Rial entertainment park in the Jawaharat Salalah premises. Other expansions would depend on the performance of these two major investment projects,” said Gao in an interview ...altro » Leggi