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Remittance from Oman set to rise as rial strengthens - Times of Oman

“The Omani rial is at its highest in months against the Indian rupee and remittance in the short term is expected to be high from expats, especially from Asian countries. Dollar is not showing any signs of weakness and with Trump coming in as the ...altro » Leggi

Credito: National Bank of Oman, utile netto in calo del 19,9 per cento - Agenzia Nova (Abbonamento)

Mascate, 13 gen 20:16 - (Agenzia Nova) - National Bank of Oman, Nbo, il terzo più grande istituto bancario omanita, ha riportato un calo del 19,9 per cento dell'utile netto nel quarto trimestre. Nbo ha registrato un utile di 13,68 milioni di rial (35,5 ...altro » Leggi

Oman seeks multi-billion bailout from Gulf neighbours: Report - Middle East Eye

But Oman's finance ministry later denied the report, saying in a statement on Tuesday that the country had "sufficient reserves and there is no risk to the value of the Omani rial". "There were no talks to discuss receiving a deposit of billions," the ... Leggi

oab-completes-first-locally-listed-omani-rial-perpetual-bond-issue-of ... - Times of Oman

Muscat: Oman Arab Bank has concluded its issue of Omani rial denominated perpetual bonds, raising OMR30 million as additional tier 1 capital. The issue will boost the bank's capital base and increase its capital adequacy ratio. The Investment ...altro » Leggi

Oman in talks with Gulf states to obtain multibillion-dollar deposit ... - Arab News

The Omani central bank's net foreign assets rose 3.2 percent from a year earlier to 7.40 billion rials ($19.2 billion) in October, according to the latest official data. Oman is running a deficit on its trade of goods and services of nearly $13 billion ... Leggi

Oman 2017 state budget projects smaller deficit, continued austerity - Reuters

That compares with the government's original 2016 budget plan of 11.9 billion rials in spending, 8.6 billion rials in revenues and a 3.3 billion rial deficit. The finance ministry said the government planned a string of steps this year to boost non-oil ... Leggi

Oman: The Gulf Tries To Stave Off Currency Speculation - STRATFOR

In recent weeks, media leaks indicate that finance officials from Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have all spoken with Omani officials. Oman hopes that the deposit will stave off currency speculation on the rial and lower the risk of devaluation. (Since ... Leggi

Plan to clean up Omani market of illegal maids - Times of Oman

“When we find an absconding worker, sometimes they do not even have one rial in their pockets,” he said. “One of the studies and solutions to this,” Al Bakri suggested, “is to address insurance companies to be involved in insuring domestic workers.”altro » Leggi

check-out-oman-26-23039-3Bs-doner-pasha-restaurant-2C-the-first ... - Times of Oman

Signature Dish: Doner Pasha's Chicken and Meat Doner Tombic sandwiches only cost a single Omani Rial, and are as filling as they are delicious. Set in between two generously-sized traditional toasted Turkish sesame buns, succulent layers of juicy meat ... Leggi

Trump's team could be fit for purpose, says Oman's Minister for ... - Times of Oman

“The Trump government is looking to boost the US Economy, and since that is what Donald Trump is trying to do, because the Omani Rial is pegged to the US dollar, that benefit should pass on to Oman. “The only thing we might have to look into is that ...altro » Leggi