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BoN dismisses N$3.5 billion cash in container - Namibian

The Bank of Namibia dismissed the allegation that N$3.5 billion cash was found in a container in Ondangwa last year December while Police were investigating money laundering and tax evasion to that amount. “This information is wrong and not supported ... Leggi

Consumer Inflation remains high – PSG - Namibia Economist

The rand (to which the Namibian dollar is pegged one for one) remains a significant risk for inflation,” PSG said. “We expect the South African currency will come under pressure this year due to the substantial threats of South Africa possibly losing ...altro » Leggi

More arrests in billion dollar fraud - Namibian

POLICE are investigating 29 more people in connection with the alleged fraud, money laundering and tax evasion of N$3,5 billion, allegedly siphoned out of Namibia through a customs clearing business. Third suspect and Namibian businessman, Laurentius ... Leggi

Man arraigned over elephant tusks - The Voice Online (blog)

The tusks that are currently kept in Namibia by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism are said to be weighing 90.20 kilograms and valued at 91 092.02 NAD (Namibian Dollar). Giving evidence before court, a Namibian Senior Game Ranger under the ... Leggi

Currency near impossible to reproduce hundred percent – Central Bank - Namibia Economist

As at 31 December 2015, the ratio of counterfeits per million in respect of the Namibian Dollar stood at 9 pieces, which was below the international benchmark of 70 banknotes per million,” Shiimi said. According to Shiimi, the Bank employs an effective ... Leggi

Fuel prices up next Wednesday - Namibian

Pump prices for petrol and diesel are to increase by 20 and 30 cents respectively on 4 January 2017 after remaining unchanged since October. A statement from the Ministry of Mines and Energy on Wednesday said the new Walvis Bay pump prices will be as ... Leggi

Central bank warns illegal money changers - Namibian

The central bank was responding to questions by The Namibian after the newspaper was reliably informed that the country has quite a large number of illegal money changers (for currencies such as the US dollars/euro to Namibia dollar and vice versa). Leggi

Customs fraud arrest a shock for businessman - Namibian

BUSINESSMAN Laurentius Julius was in the process of settling unpaid customs duties and penalties with the Ministry of Finance when his arrest on multimillion-dollar fraud and money laundering charges came as a shock to him two weeks ago. ... Julius ... Leggi

Govt plans rand-denominated loans and bonds - Namibian

While the rand has appreciated 12% against the dollar this year, since the start of 2015 it has been one of the worst-performing currencies among major emerging markets, weakening by 17%. That's caused the Namibia dollar to drop in tandem, and made its ... Leggi

Crescere all'estero, intervista a Sergio Tommasini: “Le mie strategie vincenti” -

Imperia. Come le aziende del territorio possono penetrare il mercato internazionale e diventare più competitive? Lo spiega in questa intervista Sergio Tommasini, l'amministratore dell'azienda di Arma di Taggia Idroedil che, specializzata nella gestione ...altro » Leggi