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Mexican peso surges despite Trump threats - CNNMoney

Since November, Mexico's central bank has raised interest rates three times and sold U.S. dollars to international investors. Among other efforts, it's all meant to buoy the peso that's been weighed down by Trump's threats. "I think most people would ...altro » Leggi

Mexico peso rallies on comments from Trump administration officials - MarketWatch

The Mexican peso strengthened against the dollar on Thursday after several top Trump administration officials stressed the importance of maintaining positive relations with the U.S.'s southern neighbor. The peso strengthened early in the day, part of a ... Leggi

The Mexican peso is at its strongest level since the day after Trump's ... - Business Insider

"The focus of deportation will be on the criminal element, all of this will be done in close coordination with Mexico." The peso saw a tumultuous autumn and ended up being one of the big market casualties of the 2016 election. It crashed by about 13 ... Leggi

Mexico announces forex hedge program, peso jumps 2% - CNBC

The Mexican peso jumped 2 percent against the U.S. dollar Tuesday after Mexican authorities announced a new currency intervention measure. Mexico's foreign exchange commission said in an afternoon release that Banco de México, also known as ... Leggi

EMERGING MARKETS-Mexican peso strengthens on reassurance ... - Nasdaq

By Bruno Federowski SAO PAULO/MEXICO CITY, Feb 23- Mexico's peso strengthened to its highest level in more than three months on Thursday after U.S.. Leggi

Mexico's Peso Lift Another Step in Escalating Global Retaliation - DailyFX

The Mexican Peso surged Tuesday afternoon on news that the country's FX Commission had escalated its effort to stabilize its currency the face of volatility.altro » Leggi

The Mexican Peso: A Currency in Turmoil - Wall Street Journal

The Mexican peso's recent tumult is upending the way many global investors hedge their bets on emerging markets and raising the risks associated with investing in the developing world. The peso is one of the most liquid emerging-market currencies and ... Leggi

Home Depot looks for strong growth, watches Mexican peso closely - Atlanta Journal Constitution

One item of note, as an international company with both costs and revenues crossing various borders, Home Depot watches currency rates pretty closely. In the last quarter of 2016, for example, a weaker Mexican peso hurt company revenues, officials said.altro » Leggi

Here's what's next for the Mexican peso - Business Insider

The Mexican Peso has weakened ~10% following Trump's presidential election victory given fears of a shift towards a more protectionist trade position by the Trump administration. However, in truth, the Peso has been trending weaker since June 2013 ... Leggi

Goldman Sachs: Mexican peso is among world's cheapest ... - Business Insider

The Mexican peso is now one of the cheapest currencies in the world, according to Kamakshya Trivedi, a strategist on Goldman Sachs' Global Investment ...altro » Leggi