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Mexican peso heads for largest monthly rise in 5 years as Trump ... - MarketWatch

The Mexican peso is headed for its largest monthly gain in nearly five years as President Donald Trump and his partisans suffer the first major legislative setback of his presidency. This looming milestone represents drastic and, many believed ... Leggi

Mexico's peso – rising from the ashes? - Financial Times

Mr Carstens, who is attending an annual Mexican bankers' conference, also said on Wednesday that the peso's recovery should help lower inflation towards the bank's target of 3 per cent, plus or minus one point – a goal he hopes will be achieved by the ... Leggi

CORRECTED-Speculators cut net short bets on Mexican peso to ... - Reuters

Currency speculatorsdecreased the number of net short bets on the Mexican peso forthe fifth straight week, bringing the number of contractsagainst the peso to ...altro » Leggi

Mexican peso is no more than 10 percent undervalued: Carstens - Reuters

MEXICO CITY Mexico's peso currency is still undervalued, but by no more than 10 percent, Central Bank Governor Agustin Carstens said in an interview with U.S. news agency Bloomberg. The peso hit a series of record lows following Donald Trump's ... Leggi

Mexican peso at strongest level since US election - Financial Times - Financial Times

The Mexican peso hit its strongest level since the US election on Tuesday morning, as the dollar's recent slide continued to benefit emerging market currencies. Leggi

Trump's fallout effect on the Mexican peso - - CNBC

The Mexican peso has been gyrating against President Trump's words about NAFTA and the border wall. This is what it means for investors. Leggi

Mexico Peso's on Fastest Rise Since 2009 Thank to Kind Words ... - Bloomberg

The Mexican peso is in the midst of its sharpest sustained rally since it recovered from the global financial crisis, thanks to a few nice words from U.S. officials. The currency has gained an average 0.23 percent a day since Donald Trump took office ... Leggi

Mexico: Peso Stronger, US Says “No Mass Deportations” - Barron's (blog)

The Mexican peso is stronger by 1.5% against the U.S. dollar, bringing its rise to nearly 4% this week as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly emerge from meetings in the country. The iShares MSCI ... Leggi

Mexican peso surges as US commerce chief signals softer stance - Financial Times

Mexico's peso surged to its highest level since the day after Donald Trump's election victory after Wilbur Ross, his new commerce secretary, adopted a more conciliatory approach to relations between the two nations, including offering to work with its ... Leggi

The Mexican peso trades its best level since Trump won the election - Yahoo Finance

The Mexican peso is ticking up on Friday. The currency is higher by 0.3% at 19.2125 per US... Leggi