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BCR, BT to allow foreign exchange and bank transactions using Moldovan Leu (MLD) - Business Review

The two largest licensed banks in Romania, the Commercial Bank of Romania (BCR) and Banca Transilvania (BT), will launch the foreign exchange service for Moldovan Leu (MLD) by individuals in Romania. The first institution to confirm this was the BCR, ... Leggi

Euro trades at 4.6685lei on Friday - ACTmedia

... the banks authorized to operate on the currency market is as follows:CURRENCY SYMBOL RON1 Euro EUR 4.66851 US dollar USD 4.06311 Swiss franc CHF 4.08821 British pound GBP 5.2946100 Japanese yen JPY 3.56881 Moldovan leu MDL 0.24001 ... Leggi

Moldova's struggling flag carrier acquired by Romanian budget airline - www.rusaviainsider.com

The winning consortium, known as the Civil Aviation Group, was reportedly the only bidder for the struggling airline and is now due to pay off 1.2 billion leu (€61 million), of which only 50 million leu (€2.56 million) will go to the country's state ...altro » Leggi

Euro trades at 4.6519 lei on Thursday - ACTmedia

... SYMBOL RON1 Euro EUR 4.65191 US dollar USD 3.97431 Swiss franc CHF 4.11331 British pound GBP 5.2505100 Japanese yen JPY 3.5403 1 Moldovan leu MDL 0.23701 Russian rouble RUB 0.05991 new Turkish lira TRY 0.63751 Chinese renminbi . Leggi

Moldova's leu turns 25 - Emerging Europe

The Moldovan leu turns 25 on November 29. This is no mean feat for a young currency which has so far had to exist in a very challenging geo-political context. The bold decision to introduce the new currency was taken on November 29, 1993, to replace ... Leggi

Moldova with New Crypto Exchange and a Token - Bitcoin News (press release)

The trading platform also supports transactions of eight fiat currencies, among which euros, dollars, rubles, and of course, Moldovan leu (MDL). Drachmae Market, set up with the help of the local Digital & Distributed Technology Moldova Association ...altro » Leggi

Scan on exit: can blockchain save Moldova's children from traffickers? - Reuters

Moldova, with a population of 3.5 million, is among the poorest countries in Europe with an average monthly disposable income of 2,250 Moldovan Leu ($135), government data shows. ConsenSys aims to create a secure, digital identity on a blockchain - or ... Leggi

Moldova Hopes to Spur Economic Growth through First Blockchain Association - Cryptovest (Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News)

This month, DTMA is planning to start a crypto exchange that will feature eight fiat currencies, including the US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Romanian leu, and Russian ruble. The local fiat currency – the Moldovan Leu – will probably also ...altro » Leggi

Polonia Oggi: Due atenei polacchi tra i “Masters in Management” del Financial Times - Gazzetta Italia

Questa notizia è tratta dal servizio POLONIA OGGI, una rassegna stampa quotidiana delle maggiori notizie dell'attualità polacca tradotte in italiano. Per provare gratuitamente il servizio per una settimana scrivere a: redazione@gazzettaitalia.pl. L ... Leggi

Polonia Oggi: 50° Festival Internazionale del Folclore Montanaro - Gazzetta Italia

A Zakopane ha preso il via la 50° edizione del “Międzynarodowy Festiwal Folkloru Ziem Górskich” (Festival Internazionale del Folclore delle Terre di Montagna, ndr). 20 squadre di montanari provenienti da varie parti del mondo, inclusa l'Italia ...altro » Leggi