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Mixed fortunes for Eastern European walnuts - AgraNet (subscription)

The company recalled that while the currency reached an all-time high in January 2016, the value of the Moldovan leu has been decreasing from the start of the season onwards. “These developments disadvantaged the position of Moldova in comparison ... Leggi

Moldovan Leu Falls to Record as Sinking Russian Economy Bites - Bloomberg

Moldova's leu weakened to a record against the dollar as the economy of Russia, its largest trading partner, heads toward recession amid sanctions over the deadly conflict in Ukraine. The currency fell 5.3 percent to 20.4750 against the dollar at 12:09 ...altro » Leggi

Glentoran bring in Moldovan Alex Leu in one-year deal - BBC News

The deal for the versatile 25-year-old, who can play on the left of defence or midfield, is subject to international clearance. Leu played for Moldovan club side FC Spicul last season and won an international cap in 2014. "We're delighted to add a full ... Leggi

Moldova after ASF: trade, campaigns and causes - Pig Progress (registration) (blog)

2 weeks after the first-ever outbreaks of African Swine Fever in Moldova, the country is trying to manage the virus as good as it can. Prices of pigs have come down, and at the same time information campaigns have been started and more clarity has been ... Leggi

Moldovans to Choose Their President for First Time in 20 Years - Bloomberg

The Moldovan leu, the fourth-worst performer among the currencies of former Soviet republics in the past month, weakened 0.4 percent to 20.0745 at 12:03 p.m in Chisinau. The bank corruption scandal “significantly impaired” Moldova's credibility with ...altro » Leggi

Moldova's pro-Western facade - POLITICO.eu

In February 2015 it was revealed that approximately $1 billion, representing one-eighth of the Moldovan GDP, had vanished from the country's banking system over the past four years — from three local banks in particular. As a result, the Moldovan Leu ... Leggi

Presidential election in Moldova: Lessons for the West - New Eastern Europe

The amount stolen was the equivalent of around 15 per cent of Moldova's GDP. This theft has affected the weak Moldovan economy, leading to an economic crisis and the depreciation of the Moldovan Leu. Such a theft was impossible without the involvement ... Leggi

Gym meeting led to Glentoran flexing their muscles and signing Alex Leu - Belfast Telegraph

The 25-year-old, who earned a cap for Moldova in 2014, played for FC Spicul in his home country last season but now he's waiting for international clearance to feature for the Glens after agreeing a one-year deal. Kernaghan said: "One of our reserve ... Leggi

Vanishing act: how global auditor failed to spot theft of 15% of Moldova's wealth - The Guardian

The “missing billion” contributed to a run on the Moldovan leu in which it lost a quarter of its value against the dollar in February. Grant Thornton had no presence in Moldova before 2010, but its ascent has been startling. Seven of the country's 14 ... Leggi

The Putin Effect on Post-Soviet Economies - Bloomberg View

The Moldovan leu lost more against the U.S. dollar last week than in all of 2014. The tiny nation, squeezed between Ukraine and Romania, could no longer handle a deep structural imbalance in its economy. It buys about 70 percent of all its consumer ...altro » Leggi