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Nationalism in Jordan: king, tribe, or country? Part two - Open Democracy

The Jordanian Dinar is referred to as the Lire by Salt's locals, a reminder of the Turkish currency and Ottoman dominion. It would appear that nationalism in Salt continues through a very local identity that keeps Emir Abdullah's Turkish opposition alive.altro » Leggi

Fibre optic Internet is spreading in Amman - Jordan Times

In only a few months the average price of the FO cable has gone down from three to under one Jordanian dinar. Moreover, the quality of the FO cables that are now manufactured, the number of channels they can carry per core, and even their intrinsic ... Leggi

Investors' confidence slightly down in September — index - Jordan Times

The index, published by the Jordan Strategy Forum, seeks to measure investors' confidence, relying on three factors, in particular. These are the strength of the Jordanian dinar and the monetary system, confidence in the real economy, and confidence in ...altro » Leggi

CBJ's decision to raise interest rate 'necessary and timely' — experts - Jordan Times

AMMAN—The Central Bank of Jordan's (CBJ) decision to raise key interest rates last week was an attempt to boost the attractiveness of the Jordanian dinar, economists said Saturday. However, more efforts are needed by the government to boost confidence ... Leggi

Jordan cracks down on Uber and Careem as congestion clogs its capital - The Guardian

After 4.30pm, the chances of hailing a taxi in Amman's Shmeisani neighbourhood are slim. Cars inch forwards on gridlocked streets, slowing to a standstill to wait through a fifth or sixth light change before joining the queue beyond. Elsewhere in the ... Leggi

An airline invites Muslims to travel to the US “while you're still allowed to” - Quartz

The tongue-in-cheek appeal from Royal Jordanian was followed by pricing for fares from the country to Detroit, Chicago and New York. A roundtrip ticket in economy class from Amman to New York costs 650 Jordanian dinar, or about US $917. Whether it ...altro » Leggi

An Identity Crisis in Jordan - Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

A birth registration is 1 Jordanian dinar (JOD) ($1.41 USD), but after 30 days, there's an additional fine of 10 JOD ($14.11 USD). First-time marriages cost 25 JOD ($35.29 USD), plus the travel expenses to and from the Ministry of the Interior in Amman.altro » Leggi

Apple, Oracle to Invest in Softbank Vision Tech Fund - Asharq Al-awsat English

Fariz added that the current total investments of local banks in companies do not exceed 430 million Jordanian Dinar (JD), although they have a margin of investment up to 3 billion JD. President of the Association of Banks in Jordan Musa Shehadeh said ...altro » Leggi

High demand for dinar reported, and it is 'just the beginning' - Jordan Times

Demand for the dinar surged sharply as of the beginning of last week mainly because of Jordanians working in the Gulf region, said President of the Jordanian Exchange Association Alaa Eddine Diraniyeh, who expected the strong demand for the local ...altro » Leggi

Jordanian reversal on Syrian work permits starts to bear fruit - BBC News

"We used to hire Egyptians at two Jordanian dinars (£2.10; $2.80) an hour. They dictated terms. When the Syrians came it reduced wages. We had more workers and we started to cultivate more land. Now we have a big area." Syrians at the farm come from a ...altro » Leggi