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The most expensive tourist destination in the world may come as a surprise to many. - Express.co.uk

This is due to the strength of the local currency in the country, the Icelandic krona. They state that the appreciation of the krona has “strengthened by more than 40 per cent against the euro” since 2009. The currency reached an all-time low after the ... Leggi

Akureyri guide: Where to eat, drink, shop and stay in Iceland's most charming city - The Independent

These geothermic pools are kept to different temperatures, from coolish main pools to piping hot jacuzzis. There's an icy cold plunge pool too, if you're brave enough (the steam room will put the colour back in your cheeks). Entrance costs 750 ... Leggi

Iceland has become the world's most expensive tourist destination - Traveller

More importantly, the appreciation of the krona (it has strengthened by more than 40 per cent against the euro since its 2009 nadir) has turned Iceland into the most expensive tourist destination in the world, dissuading potential visitors and ... Leggi

Could This Quaint Country Be the Next Capital for Startup Entrepreneurs? - Inc.com

Also, a booming hotel industry and the recent growth of the sharing economy has made accommodations plentiful and easy to find. Be cautioned, however, as the rebound and current strength of Iceland's currency, the krona, has made getting around and ... Leggi

Summer vacation 2018: How to stretch your dollar on an overseas getaway - USA TODAY

A trip to Reykjavik in Iceland to watch the setting of the midnight sun, for example, makes more financial sense given the dollar's nearly 7% rise vs. Iceland's Krona since late March, according to Hipmunk, an online travel service that scours other ... Leggi

New facility for Icelandic dealer - KHL Group

The number of government infrastructure projects has increased, particularly with regard to new hotels, apartments and roads, and the strength of the Icelandic Krona has meant the imported cost of construction equipment is much lower. Brimborg is said ... Leggi

Search Results - Hedge Fund Alert

An Icelandic fund manager has raised an initial $70 million for a vehicle that finances seafood businesses.Gamma Capital of Reykjavik launched Gamma Antarctica Seafood Credit Fund in partnership with Antarctica Advisors of Miami. Most, if not all, of ... Leggi

Interest rate cuts bring end to long Icelandic krona rally - Financial Times

While a strengthening global economy is encouraging central bankers across the developed world to finally look at raising interest rates, on the outskirts of Europe one bank is seeing some success by moving in the opposite direction. Iceland's krona ... Leggi

Iceland likely to focus monetary policy on currency stability -New PM - Reuters

COPENHAGEN, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Iceland is likely to focus its monetary policy on stabilising the krona currency to avoid damaging fluctuations, its new left-wing Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir told Reuters on Monday. Jakobsdottir, 41, is heading a ...altro » Leggi

Iceland's New Leader Wants 'Strict' New Currency Regime - Bloomberg

Central bank Governor Mar Gudmundsson has said in the past that he would prefer for Iceland to not go back to a fully free-floating currency while Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has highlighted the value of having a free-floating exchange rate as ...altro » Leggi