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9 tips for Americans traveling to Iceland - USA TODAY

A bowl of the country's iconic soup – lamb or seafood – often costs 1,800 Icelandic krona or more --about $17-20. At least it comes with delicious bread. Iceland also makes some very smooth beer, particularly the Arctic Pale Ale from Einstok brewery in ...altro » Leggi

Fifteen thousand people expected to participate in Reykjavik Marathon - Iceland Monitor

Over 100 million Icelandic krona were collected last year in the marathon towards a variety to charities. In recent years, the 10 km distance is the most popular by participants. Visitors to Reykjavik should take note that the city centre will ... Leggi

Iceland's Fisk closes shrimp plant with raw material prices firm, high - Undercurrent News

Icelandic shrimp fishing has fallen, and "the raw material, which is constantly rising in price, is now largely overseas". "The exchange rate of the Icelandic krona, widening labor costs and other domestic cost increases are also a cause of ... Leggi

Króna Enjoying Most Stable Exchange Rate in Years - IcelandReview

The Icelandic króna has enjoyed its most stable exchange rate in four years this summer, Kjarninn reports. According to an analysis of the exchange market that Íslandsbanki bank published on Thursday, this welcome stability is thought to be due to ... Leggi

WOW Air seeks investors - Iceland Monitor

The same document states that the plan is to issue three-year bonds for SEK (Swedish krona) 500-1000 million (USD 54.5-109 million), intended to recapitalize debt and cover the need for funds until the company's initial public offering, scheduled to ... Leggi

5 countries where Indian rupee is stronger and travel is cheaper - Hindustan Times

Iceland: Rs 1 equals 1.53 Icelandic Krona. Come December and direct flights will commence between Delhi and Reykjavik. A world of natural wonders and unique experiences await you. You can go whale watching at Reykjavík, visit natural geysers and spas ... Leggi

Iceland's Samherji Buys Stake in Eimskip - Maritime Professional

The company has a total of 25.3% stake in the company and the purchase price is about 11 billion Icelandic krona. Samherji Holding is a subsidiary of Samherji's foreign operations. The seller of the stake is the US investment fund Yucaipa. The purchase ... Leggi

Exclusive: Icelandic support for domestic clubs puts the FAI to shame - Off The Ball

League of Ireland football deserves better than the current status quo and with the Football Association of Ireland and the Professional Footballers' Association of Ireland embroiled in a bitter public spat over the last week - we should look to the ... Leggi

Socialists' Best Examples of Functional Socialism are Capitalistic Countries - The Unshackled | Breaking the Chains of Control

Iceland: Iceland has a simple but aggressive taxation model, taxing citizens that make less than 10,724,556 ISK yearly (around $130,000 AUD) 36% on their income, while anyone making above that amount gets taxed at almost 50%. Icelandic citizens must ... Leggi

Iceland likely to focus monetary policy on currency stability -New PM - Reuters

COPENHAGEN, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Iceland is likely to focus its monetary policy on stabilising the krona currency to avoid damaging fluctuations, its new left-wing Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir told Reuters on Monday. Jakobsdottir, 41, is heading a ...altro » Leggi