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Game of Thrones Crowns Iceland Krona as World's Best Currency - Bloomberg

Iceland's interest-rate cuts should have slowed gains in its currency. Instead, the krona is now a world-beater. The currency has surged 4 percent against the euro and 6.4 percent against the dollar since March 31, taking its gains in the past year to ... Leggi

Is Icelandic Króna Too Strong? - IcelandReview

The strong value of the Icelandic króna has begun to threaten Icelandic companies, and as a result, jobs, Iceland's Minister of Finance Benedikt Jóhannesson told RÚV earlier this week. The króna is now stronger than it has been in around a decade. Its ... Leggi

Strength of Icelandic krona compounds export difficulties - Undercurrent News

While the prices for certain species and product forms being exported out of Iceland are low at the moment, the real issue for exporters is the strength of the krona, sources told Undercurrent News. Following the fishermen's strike – which ran for ... Leggi

Krona rally returns after end of Iceland's capital controls - Financial Times

Two months after Iceland removed its capital controls, hopes that the shift would ease pressure on the country's currency appear to have been in vain. The Icelandic government finally lifted crisis-era capital controls in March, marking a return to ... Leggi

Iceland plans to lift limit for offshore crown transfers - Reuters

... most belonging to U.S.-based funds, is held in such accounts and under government proposals put forward last week depositors will be able to withdraw interest payments, indexations and dividends totalling 100 million Icelandic crowns (£727,871) per ...altro » Leggi

Iceland's strong currency is a problem -finance minister - Reuters

"We're trying with all the means we know to counter the high demand for Icelandic krona (crown), and even so it has become stronger almost every day. We're running out of ammunition now," he said. Iceland is expected to welcome around 2.4 million ...altro » Leggi

Iceland's Economy Is Booming—Thanks to a Little Help From Game Of Thrones - Newsweek

Analysis by Bloomberg found that the sector's strength has contributed heavily to a recent boost for Iceland's currency, the Krona, which has jumped 4 percent against the euro and 6.4 percent against the dollar since the end of March. Its gains over ...altro » Leggi

Roads made from recycled plastic may be the thing to come in Iceland (VIDEO) - IceNews

If possible, this solution could be extremely beneficial for the environment and save the Icelandic state millions Icelandic krona as this solution would be cheaper for them than using traditional tarmac according to Monitor. The idea was probably born ... Leggi

Currency restrictions on the Icelandic Krona completely lifted today - IceNews

From today onwards there will be no limits on currency transactions with the Icelandic Krona. The private sector and institutional investors such as the Icelandic pension funds are now able to invest in foreign currency once more and to transfer funds ... Leggi

Marko Partners finds supply, prices at Iceland auctions varied little during strike - Undercurrent News

This can be explained, said Marko Partners, by the strengthening of the Icelandic krona against the euro; almost 18% up since the beginning of 2016. "Because the ISK was strong in the beginning of 2017 and the buyers were using ISK to buy cod through ... Leggi