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Icelandic Restaurant Dill is the Country's First Michelin Star Recipient - Paste Magazine

Seven-course meals at the minimally lit locale top at out 13,900 Icelandic Krona, which equates to about $128, though those numbers may well inflate after Dill's Michelin win. Dill's success represents the continual, broader success of the so-called ...altro » Leggi

Frozen Icelandic fish close to losing markets as strike talks break down - Undercurrent News

The fishing workers have quite a list of demands, partly related to a decline in income that comes with a strengthened Icelandic Krona and weaker sterling." "The Minister says she does not intend to intervene with executive measures or legislation, as ...altro » Leggi

Iceland considers lifting capital controls - New Europe

The economy was growing by 6% in 2016 and the Icelandic Krona appreciated by 16% against the Euro. Meanwhile, Inflation is below 2,5% and interest rates remain at 5%, that is, a record for the developed world. With unemployment below 3%, demand is ... Leggi

Fitch Upgrades Orkuveita Reykjavíkur to 'BB'; Outlook Stable - GlobeNewswire (press release)

According to Fitch's attached release, the upgrade reflects the company's progress on debt reduction aided by improved macroeconomic conditions in Iceland and the significant appreciation of the Icelandic Krona, the company's proven track record in ...altro » Leggi

Why Iceland Could Be Heading for Trouble With the IMF - InsideSources

When the restrictions on foreign investors first passed in mid-2016, news outlets cited the IMF's approval for Iceland's policy against offshore krona holders as an essential part of its broader capital controls liberalization plan. But the IMF brought ...altro » Leggi

Iceland Faces Legal Battle as US Funds Balk at Krona Discount - Bloomberg

U.S. funds holding billions in offshore kronur filed a complaint against Iceland for forcing them to accept a currency discount of almost 40 percent as a condition to let the investors exit the nation's capital controls. The case was filed to the EFTA ... Leggi

Iceland Is Discriminating Against Foreign Investors. The IMF Is Fully Onboard. - InsideSources

Iceland followed fund guidance when it provided foreign investors the opportunity to sell their assets in a series of auctions between 2011 and 2016. The IMF has recommended a cautious and phased approach. “The final effort to resolve the offshore ... Leggi

Iceland Forces Bondholders to Take 38% Discount in Krona Auction - Bloomberg

Iceland's currency reserves will be reduced by 47 billion kronur ($383 million) after the central bank offered to buy 72 billion kronur in offshore holdings at a rate of 190 per euro. That compares with the current official exchange rate of 138 per ... Leggi

Is the Icelandic Króna too Strong? - IcelandReview

Purchasing goods abroad costs Icelanders only about half of what it did two years ago, RÚV reports. This was revealed in the economic forecast of Arion Bank, which calls the strength of the króna a reason for concern. The bank's research department ...altro » Leggi

Iceland's Fishing Industry Roots for Rate Cut Amid Krona Gains - Bloomberg

While the world around it frets over ultra-low interest rates, Iceland's fish export industry is rooting for another rate cut to maintain market share amid a strengthening krona. "The appreciation of the krona is a large factor in the operations of ... Leggi