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Elmir Buljubasic 2016-01-17 09:30
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Se si potesse comprare ora sarebbe il momento giusto


Iran Postpones Unification Of Official And Open Market Exchange ... - Forbes

The Central Bank of Iran says it will not be able to unify the country's official and open market exchange rates by next month, as previously hoped, blaming a lack ... Leggi

Iran verso taglio impiccagioni per droga - Tiscali Notizie - Tiscali.it

(ANSA) - TEHERAN, 13 FEB - La Commissione giustizia del Parlamento iranianoß(Majlis) sta lavorando a un piano per diminuire il numero di condanne a morte ... Leggi

The Oil Majors To Watch In A Trump Threatened Iran - OilPrice.com

It can be expected that the Iranian Rial exchange rate with the U.S. Dollar will continue its downward trend. In 2013, Iran devalued its currency against the USD by more than 50 percent. This decision was due to the fact the Iranian economy was ...altro » Leggi

Iran to dump the US dollar in response to Trump's travel ban - RT.com - RT

Tehran plans to ditch the use of the American currency in financial reporting after US President Donald Trump issued a travel ban on seven countries, including ...altro » Leggi

America is a home for the world's most talented. A travel ban risks losing them - The Guardian

By then, the sanctions had gone into effect and the value of the Iranian rial had plummeted to historic lows. And before getting to America, they first had to get to an American embassy, which Iran did not have since the hostage crisis of 1979. The ... Leggi

Iran's Budget Deficit: $7b in 9 Months | Financial Tribune - Financial Tribune

Iran's budget deficit for the three quarters of the current fiscal year (March 20-December 20, 2016) amounted to 268.9 trillion rials ($7 billion), according to the ...altro » Leggi

Central Bank Authorizing Foreigners To Open IR Rial Accounts In Iran - Exchange News Direct

Based on a recent directive by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the Iranian commercial banks are authorized to open IR Rial bank accounts for foreign individuals and institutions. Resident and non-resident foreign individuals and institutions are ... Leggi

#TravelTuesday: Lifting the veil on Iran - http://www.buro247.sg/

For the past 50 years, much of what the world knows about Iran has been framed by its status as an oil-rich country saddled by internal strife, plagued by harsh economic sanctions, and calcified by its politics. It doesn't help that Iran has been ... Leggi

Tehran, Baku may transit to trade in national currencies - AzerNews - AzerNews

Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran may consider the issue of using their national currencies – the manat and the rial – in bilateral trade.altro » Leggi

Iran's rial plunges to an all-time low | News.com.au - NEWS.com.au

At money changers across Tehran, shouting voices accompany each change of the signboards out front showing the value of the Iranian rial, which slips ever ...altro » Leggi