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Se si potesse comprare ora sarebbe il momento giusto


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US sanctions on Iran hit an unintended target: Ordinary Iraqis - Washington Post

In a concession to his powerful neighbor, Abadi said visa fees for Iranian pilgrims to Shiite holy sites in Iraq would be reduced to compensate for the weakened value of the Iranian rial. But for many Iraqis, the crisis is less philosophical and far ...altro » Leggi

What's Next for Iran, the Iranian Rial and the Ayatollah? - Yahoo News

The Iranian economy is in tatters, the Iranian Rial has collapsed to record lows against the U.S Dollar, most of the collapse coming through the summer over the planned roll-out of sanctions in August and inflation is sky high as once optimistic ... Leggi

Trump puts Iraq in a bind over Iran - Washington Post

The precipitous decline of the Iranian rial, sparked by Trump's unraveling of the nuclear deal, has had unintended consequences in countries nearby. Tens of thousands of Afghan migrant workers have left Iran over the past year as the economy tanked; ... Leggi

A day in the life of a Tehran currency trader - Aljazeera.com

Tehran, Iran - Reza, 27, wanted to work in a stock exchange firm, or in an insurance company in the Iranian capital. He had high expectations. Years before, he topped Iran's cut-throat university entrance exams, Konkour, and is currently working on his ...altro » Leggi

Iran, il gigante รจ in bolletta - L'Espresso

La svalutazione del Rial a un millesimo avviene dopo i rivolgimenti estremi degli ultimi quattro decenni. Otto anni di guerra tra l'Iran e l'Iraq hanno causato un danno di quasi 1.2 trilioni di dollari per l'Iran, lasciando 700 mila morti e feriti ... Leggi

Iran's Rial Is In A Death Spiral, Again - Forbes

Iran's rial plunged from 98,000 IRR/USD on Saturday to 112,000 IRR/USD on Sunday on Tehran's Ferdowsi Street. That stunning 12.5% one-day plunge has pushed the rial into a classic death spiral. The last time the rial was in a grip of such a spiral was ... Leggi

The Run on Iran's Rial - Wall Street Journal

Tehran is struggling to control capital flight as Iranians anticipate the reimposition of U.S. sanctions, starting next week. On Monday the local currency, the rial, hit 119,000 against the dollar on the black market, a new low. Economist Steve Hanke ... Leggi

Sanctions Threaten Iran's Rial - Bloomberg

Trump restores some Iran sanctions, including: -Restricting purchases of dollar banknotes by Iran -Preventing the government from trading gold and other precious metals -Blocking the nation from selling or acquiring various industrial metals ... Leggi

Iran's Rial Tumbles Ahead of US Sanctions, Dozens Arrested - Bloomberg

Iran's national currency, whose yearlong depreciation has gained momentum in recent weeks, set a new low this week against the dollar, trading on average at 112,000 rials on the black market on Monday, the Iranian Labour News Agency reported, from ... Leggi

Iran's Rial Gains After Trump Dials Back Escalated Rhetoric - Bloomberg

Iran's rial rebounded from a series of record lows on Tuesday, after President Donald Trump said he would talk to Iran without preconditions and Iranian officials appeared not to immediately dismiss the idea. The dollar was trading at around 104,000 ... Leggi