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Elmir Buljubasic 2016-01-17 09:30
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Se si potesse comprare ora sarebbe il momento giusto


In Iran è cominciata l'età dell'oro (e non in senso metaforico) - AGI - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

... che in questi giorni assiste alla perdita di valore del Rial nei confronti del dollaro e dell'euro; sicuramente, anche maggiori riserve auree (anche se non sono chiaramente l'unico elemento), potranno frenare l'andamento, insieme ad altri strumenti ... Leggi

Steel Exporters Welcome Rial Depreciation | Financial Tribune - Financial Tribune

I t's a fairly straightforward scenario. Weakening a domestic currency stimulates the country's exports and makes imports more expensive—a desirable route to ...altro » Leggi

Exchange rate unification remains a distant dream in Iran - AzerNews - AzerNews

Although Iranian financial policymakers back in 2016 announced that plans for unifying the country's official and open market exchange rates were moving ...altro » Leggi

Iranian rial drops against major foreign currencies - Trend News Agency

Observers suggest that a drop in the volume of euro banknotes distributed in the domestic market, smuggle of US dollar from Iran to neighboring countries, and a surge in demand for foreign currency due to high number of holidaymakers visiting abroad ... Leggi

Iran: valuta passa da rial a toman - Asia - ANSA.it - ANSA.it

(ANSA) - TEHERAN, 25 LUG - Il governo iraniano ha approvato il disegno di legge che prevede il cambiamento della valuta ufficiale dell'Iran da rial a toman. Leggi

US sanctions, low oil prices stalling forex rate unification in Iran - AzerNews

Two main factors continue to keep the prospect of unified exchange rates in Iran at a distance, an Iranian baker told Trend on August 27. While US restrictions ...altro » Leggi

Real Fake Helicopter Money – CIA Counterfeiting Currencies to Destroy National Economies - Center for Research on Globalization

It is worthwhile to take a look at possibly the same tactic is being used for Iran, where counterfeiting the rial might have been used in an attempt to crash the national currency. Hanke gets enthusiastic about having identified a period of ... Leggi

Iran's Debt-Laden Steel Giant Shows Signs of Recovery - Financial Tribune

The prices of all three key commodities were on the rise during the five months, with only ingot recording a slight 200-rial dip to 13,767 rials per kg in the third month before jumping to 14,272 rials in Mordad. Traders at the over-the-counter Iran ... Leggi

USD Remains Bullish - Financial Tribune

T he US dollar once again gained against rial in Tehran's both open and official exchange markets on Saturday to maintain its uptrend against the Iranian currency. According to Tehran Gold and Jewelry Union's website, the greenback, which is the most ... Leggi

Exchange rate unification remains a distant dream in Iran - Trend News Agency

... negative impact on the efforts made by the government aimed at fixing the economy, he added that the government in order to deal with the economic recession may decide to turn a blind eye on the inflation rate and the rate of US dollar against ... Leggi