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Se si potesse comprare ora sarebbe il momento giusto


Brave New World Investments Allows Investment in Iranian Equities with Bitcoin - newsBTC

The model of Brave New World Investments is entirely built around Bitcoin. The company accepts cryptocurrency investment and converts it to Iranian Rial — legal tender of the Islamic Republic of Iran for investing in equities on the Tehran Stock Exchange. Leggi

Swedish firm accepts bitcoin for investments in Iranian equities - EconoTimes

However, due to US financial sanctions still in effect against Iran, none of the Swedish banks wanted to help us – despite there being no relevant sanctions against Iran in Sweden or the European Union stopping us,” Mikael Johansson, the man behind the ... Leggi

L'economia iraniana dopo l'embargo: prospettive e difficoltà - Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Internazionali

In circa 13 mesi il Rial ha perso circa il 40% del suo valore, continuando a svalutarsi per tutto il 2013 e ponendo il mercato dei cambi iraniano sotto gli attacchi speculativi da parte degli investitori nazionali. Per porre rimedio a questa imponente ...altro » Leggi

Why Iran's rial hit an all-time-low against the US dollar - euronews

Iran's currency, the rial, has hit an all-time record low against the U.S. dollar. Although several reasons for the slide have been put forward by economists – amongst them the strength of the dollar against other currencies in the last few weeks, and ... Leggi

Deciphering Iran's sudden currency fluctuations - Al-Monitor

Traditionally, the free market rate has been a valid indicator of the mood in the Iranian economy. The last major collapse of the rial value came about in the second half of 2012 when harsh sanctions prevented the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) from ...altro » Leggi

Iranian rial at record low against dollar - Al-Arabiya

Mohsen Jalalpour, Head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, repudiated expectation of the devaluation of the rial, to a level prevailing at the time of the sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic due to its suspicious nuclear activity, saying it's just an ...altro » Leggi

Tehran, Moscow to use national currencies in mutual settlements - Mehr News Agency - English Version

Governor of Central Bank of Iran, upon returning from Moscow, said talks were held with the Central Bank of Russia over linking Mir payment system of Russia and Iran's Shetab (Interbank Information Transfer Network) so that tourists can easily use ATM ...altro » Leggi

Rouhani pledges to reverse Iran rial slide - AMEinfo

President Hassan Rouhani sought to reassure Iranians on Sunday that the government would work to protect market stability after the country's currency fell to a record low last week. “I am optimistic about the country's economic situation and … I want ...altro » Leggi

Iran to switch currency from rial to toman - Press TV

Iran is gearing to switch its national currency back to the toman – a move that would end the rein of the rial after around 90 years and also could boost the value of the country's national currency against the US dollar. The administration of ... Leggi

Ups and downs of value of Iranian rial - Mehr News Agency - English Version

Ghazavi underscored that dollar appreciated over the past weeks due to increase in its parity rate against all currencies, adding devaluation of rial parity against dollar is also the impact of global growth in demand for dollar but does not mean ... Leggi