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3 Atlanta men convicted in Iraqi currency scheme that made millions - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Evidence showed the defendants made investors believe they would get rich by investing in the Iraqi dinar because it was about to revalue. Such a revaluation did not come. Sterling grossed more than $600 million in revenue from the sale of the Iraqi ... Leggi

Central Bank of Iraq unveils new 1000 dinar banknote featuring ... - Rudaw

The new 1000 dinar note will also feature the words: “Enlisting the marshes and heritage of Southern Iraq on world heritage list”. This is in reference to the inclusion of Iraq's endangered marshlands on UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites in 2016. Leggi

Atlanta men convicted of fraud in $600M currency exchange case - MDJOnline.com

The co-owners and chief operating officer of one of the largest Iraqi dinar exchangers in the United States were convicted by a federal jury following a five-week trial, the U.S. Attorney's Northern District of Georgia office announced Wednesday. Tyson ... Leggi

KIU won't support Iraq's 2019 draft budget omitting Halabja as a ... - Rudaw

Iraq's budget for 2018 is about 104 trillion dinars (about $88 billion). The Iraqi budget operates with a deficit of 12.5 trillion dinars (about $10.6 billion). The budget is based on a projected oil price of $46 per barrel and a daily export rate of 3 ... Leggi

Iraq: New and improved banknotes include new design representing ... - Coin Update News

Between October 2003 and January 2004, the Coalition Provisional Authority, which administered the country while under occupation, issued new Iraqi dinar coins and notes that were printed in the United Kingdom. Their security features were updated but ... Leggi

Former MP sounds alarm on 'political' draft Iraqi budget bill - Rudaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq's draft 2019 budget bill has allocated 12.67 percent to the Kurdistan Region, according to figures made public by a Komal MP. A former member of the parliament's finance committee accused the government of politicizing ...altro » Leggi

Once Iraq's Venice, Basra's waters have now turned deadly - Business Insider

"It has become even harder because if one used to earn 10,000 Iraqi dinars ($8.43) a day, one can spend five thousand on food and save the other five, while now, we really started to feel the pinch," he said. "Before a quantity of 500 liters of water ...altro » Leggi

Iraq launches social fund to fight poverty - Al-Monitor

Najla Ali Murad, the director of Iraq's Poverty Reduction Strategy, defined the expression “poor individual” in Iraq as “a citizen with a monthly income of less than 105,000 Iraqi dinars ($88)." She told Al-Monitor that this definition applies to ... Leggi

After ISIS: Q&A With Iraq's Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Ismail ... - Global Finance

We have been able to keep Iraq's inflation rate low particularly due to our efforts to strengthen and stabilize the Iraqi dinar, and to reduce public spending by the Iraqi government. Regarding this point, the central bank helped make sure the Iraqi ... Leggi

Desecrated Tabernacle and decapitated Christ, remains of ... - ROME REPORTS TV News Agency

They had a clear objective: to eliminate the Christian presence from Iraq and Syria, their people, their liturgical objects and their roots. These remains, which testify to ... Even the jihadists minted their own coin, these gold dinars. The map of the ... Leggi