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Shekel rebounds strongly in volatile trading - Globes

The Israeli currency halted its recent slide today. The latest depreciation of the shekel began last Friday after publication of the unexpected 0.7% fall in the June Consumer Price Index and since then the Israeli currency lost 2% against the euro and ... Leggi

HPE to pay Israel $450m in tax over 2006 acquisition - Business ... - Haaretz

The U.S. technology giant HPE will pay the Israeli government 1.6 billion shekels ($450 million) in taxes for the intellectual property it obtained when it bought ...altro » Leggi

US Dollar Falls Below 3.5 Against Israeli Shekel - The Jewish Press -

The U.S. dollar has again weakened against the growing strength of the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). On Thursday, for the first time since August 2014, the rate was NIS 3.493 against the US dollar. Advertisement ...altro » Leggi

Dollar's Surge Versus Shekel Sparked by $842m Purchase by Energy Group - Haaretz

Apart from the sale of shekels by Navitas Petroleum and Tamar Petroleum, the currency's decline this week came against the backdrop of Israeli economic data supporting the assumption that Israeli interest rates would remain low. Higher interest rates ...altro » Leggi

HPE to pay NIS 1.6b tax on Mercury acquisition - Globes

International computer giant HPE (formerly Hewlett-Packard) will pay NIS 1.6 billion in tax on its 2006 acquisition of the intellectual property of Israel company Mercury Interactive, in addition to the NIS 1 billion already paid to the Israel Tax ... Leggi

Strong shekel poses inflation headache for the Bank of Israel - Financial Times

Policymakers at the Bank of Israel have warned that inflation is expected to fall below target as the currency has hit three-year highs in the last month. Despite robust domestic growth and a brightening world economy, the appreciating shekel has kept ... Leggi

Shekel halts slide - Globes

The depreciation of the shekel has halted for the time being with the Israeli currency demonstrating stability today. In morning inter-bank trading, the shekel-dollar exchange rate was down 0.01% at NIS 3.565/$ and down 0.04% against the euro at NIS 4 ... Leggi

Shekel resumes strengthening - Globes

After losing ground against the dollar and euro earlier this week, the Israeli currency is again appreciating. Earlier this afternoon, the Bank of Israel set the shekel-dollar representative rate down 0.615% at NIS 3.554/$ and set the shekel-euro rate ...altro » Leggi

Apres Netanyahu, Le Deluge? Wait for the Markets to Crash - Haaretz

Don't think this hasn't had a positive effect on the Israeli economy. It has performed well over the Netanyahu years by virtually every measure. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has been a laggard, but the shekel has strengthened against the dollar, foreign ... Leggi

Court extends remand of two key suspects in submarine graft probe - The Times of Israel

Investigators suspect that Ganor, along with Bar-Yosef, paid out bribes in connection with a decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to buy three submarines from the Germany company, despite opposition from the Israeli Defense Ministry.altro » Leggi