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Hong Kong dollar fluctuates after Moody's cuts city's credit rating - South China Morning Post

The Hong Kong dollar weakened slightly Thursday, after Moody's Investor Service cut the city's credit ratings, citing the impact of China's worsening debt outlook. Moody's also cut its credit rating for China on Wednesday, citing slowing economic ... Leggi

Hong Kong Dollar Peg Breaks, HKD Collapsing From Chinese ... - Seeking Alpha

I got an email from an old trading friend who used to work out of HSBC in Hong Kong, right there in the tower on the options trading floor. He wanted to know if I had been paying attention to the latest developments: The Hong Kong dollar is getting ... Leggi

Hong Kong Dollar Currency Derailing City Stocks - Investors Panic - Live Trading News

The Hong Kong dollar is within 0.2 percent of HK$7.80 per U.S. dollar, a level that could trigger outflows from the stock market, according to Ample Capital Ltd. and Core-Pacific Yamaichi. Their theory? Traders start ditching rate-sensitive equities on ... Leggi

Hong Kong Dollar Selloff Risks Derailing the City's Stocks - Bloomberg

The Federal Reserve is playing havoc with the Hong Kong dollar -- and the stock market could be next. The pegged currency has been torpedoed this year, sliding to a 15-month low versus the greenback as a mortgage war deters local banks from tightening ...altro » Leggi

US Dollar Finds Unusual Favor in Hong Kong - Wall Street Journal (subscription)

The U.S. dollar has been on something of a tear—against one currency where it ought to be quite stable. The greenback has risen 0.5% to a recent peak of just higher than 7.79 Hong Kong dollars so far in 2017. That may not look dramatic, until the U.S. ... Leggi

Hong Kong Dollar Drop Has Origin in Property-Lending Rumbles - Bloomberg

Where U.S. interest rates go, Hong Kong's follow. At least that's the theory with the territory's pegged currency system. It's not always the case. There was a sharp divergence in rates in 2003, when Hong Kong's economy was hit by the impact of the ... Leggi

Hong Kong dollar, yuan little changed as Fed rate rise odds spike - South China Morning Post

The Hong Kong dollar and Chinese yuan were little changed on Thursday after the US Fed held interest rates unchanged as expected while signalling it was still on track for two more interest rate hikes this year. The Hong Kong dollar was trading at 7 ... Leggi

Opinion: When the Hong Kong dollar weakens too much, bad things ... - South China Morning Post

The Hong Kong dollar is trading at a 14-month low against the US dollar, a threshold that in the past has led to capital outflows that wound up hitting the stock and property markets. The Hong Kong dollar fell to 7.7849 against the greenback last week ...altro » Leggi

Why Had The HKD Weakened Recently? - ValueWalk

Hong Kong's dollar aka HKD has been cause for concern in recent weeks. The currency, pegged to the U.S. dollar since 1983, is managed by an Exchange Fund. But unlike the U.S. Fed, the Exchange Fund has stayed on the sidelines and Hong Kong banks ... Leggi

Hong Kong GDP Exceeds Expectations, HKD Little Changed - DailyFX

In response, the Hong Kong Dollar was little changed, with USD/HKD trading at 7.7924, compared with 7.7925 just ahead of the release. The HKD has been of the weakest currencies so far this year, with USD/HKD on an upward trend that so far shows no ...altro » Leggi