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Egyptian pound shows signs of correction: Beltone - Daily News Egypt - Daily News Egypt

The Egyptian pound has showed some sings of revaluation, for the first time in three months, the Egyptian pound strengthened against the US dollar, gaining 0.7%, trading at EGP 17.95/USD on 3 July 2017. The three largest public banks, namely the ...altro » Leggi

Egyptian pound fist to fist with US dollar yet again - Daily News Egypt - Daily News Egypt

The Egyptian pound has started a new confrontation with the US dollar since Monday, as the Egyptian banking market witnessed a new wave of appreciation against the dollar. The price of the pound against the US currency increased by about 21 piasters ... Leggi

How Will Monetary Policy Decisions Impact Movement of Egypt's ... - Frontera News

The first graph plots the movement of Egypt's benchmark equity index – EGX 30. The surge that was seen at the end of October was in response to the Central Bank of Egypt's decision to let the Egyptian pound float freely. The market has continued to ...altro » Leggi

Highest currency in Africa 2017 - Top 10 - NAIJ.COM

Despite all the years of civil wars in the country, they have done a good job in managing their value of their currency. Their economy is based majorly on crude oil exports, fishing, and agriculture. The currency currently exchanges at 6.60 Sudanese ... Leggi

Egypt pound under fire as CBE shifts to remove limits on foreign ... - Daily News Egypt

As the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) moves to fully remove any restrictions on foreign currency handling, the Egyptian pound seems to be under new pressures that could spark another downward spiral in the currency's value. In mid-June, the bank decided ... Leggi

Ongoing fiscal consolidation to help curb inflation: HC Securities ... - Daily News Egypt

Overshooting of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar continues 8 months after the Central Bank of Egypt's (CBE) decision to liberalise the foreign exchange system in November, despite some $8.4bn of portfolio inflows, according to a report ... Leggi

Egypt foreign reserves reaches $31.305 billion in June; Pound ... - Daily News Egypt

Egypt's foreign reserves climbed to $31.305 billion at the end of June from $31.126 billion at the end of May, the central bank said on Wednesday. Reserves have been climbing since Egypt clinched a $12 billion three-year deal with the International ... Leggi

Will Egypt's Monetary Policy Be Enough To Keep Cross-Border ... - Frontera News

In response to surging inflation, the Ventral Bank of Egypt has aggressively hiked interest rates. But will these rate hikes be as useful as hoped?altro » Leggi

US dollar over LE18 in private banks of Egypt - Egypt Independent

The US dollar exchange rate witnessed a relatively high increase against the Egyptian pound, and a slight fluctuation among banks at the beginning of Saturday morning trading, where it exceeded the limit of LE18 in private banks, and remained ... Leggi

4 Egypt Must-Reads: Pound Rises, Qatar Meeting & IMF Austerity - Barron's

Egypt's economy is in tatters, though fresh austerity measures to meet terms of an IMF loan of $12 billion should have long-term benefits. The Egyptian pound is stronger by 1% against the U.S. dollar today, but the VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ... Leggi