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Egyptian pound at weakest rate in a month on high dollar demand - Reuters

CAIRO, March 14 The Egyptian pound traded at its weakest rate in roughly one month on Tuesday as dollar demand for imports ahead of the Ramadan holy month continued to put pressure on bank liquidity. Banks were selling dollars for between 17.80 and ...altro » Leggi

Will stronger Egyptian pound really lead to drop in prices? - Al-Monitor

Many ordinary citizens had been pleased about the increase in value of the Egyptian pound, as when the dollar loses strength, imported commodity prices often decrease. Ahmed Sheha, the head of the Importers Section at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, ... Leggi

Only One Kind of Trader Is Doing Well as Egypt Pound Weakens ... - Bloomberg

Since Egypt devalued its currency, life in Cairo has gotten a lot easier if you sell stocks for a living -- and a lot harder if you sell fruit. Mostafa Nagaty at Arqaam ...altro » Leggi

AUC's Fees in Egyptian Pounds: Decision by Egyptian Court - Al-Fanar Media

A lawsuit filed by 60 parents against Egypt's prime minister, the spokesman for the parliament, the minister of higher education, and the president of AUC said that for 95 years the university accepted tuition payment in Egyptian pounds. Then, in 2014 ...altro » Leggi

Egypt commuters furious as Cairo metro doubles ticket price - The New Arab

Egypt has doubled the price of tickets on Cairo's busy metro network, which carries millions of commuters a day, angering Egyptians battling skyrocketing living ...altro » Leggi

Dollar rate set at 16 Egyptian pounds in Egyptian budget - Finance ... - Reuters

Speaking to local television channel CBC, Garhy also said foreigners had purchased government debt in the form of treasury bills and bonds worth $3.5 billion since the country floated the pound in November, and that Egypt was targeting a total of $10 ... Leggi

How Much Longer Will a Weak Egyptian Pound Succeed in Luring ... - Frontera News

The Egyptian pound was set into free float by the Central Bank of Egypt from the 8.8 to a dollar peg on November 3, 2016. The move was an attempt to attract foreign currency and boost investor confidence in the government's intent to push through ... Leggi

Egyptian pound weakens further as dollar demand picks up - Nasdaq

March 7 (Reuters) - The Egyptian pound weakened sharply on Tuesday, as dollar demand from importers rose ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when food consumption usually increases. Ramadan, Islam's holy month during which believers ... Leggi

Egypt's pound weakens as importers prepare for Ramadan - Reuters

CAIRO The Egyptian pound weakened on Wednesday as importers geared up for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and foreign currency inflows into banks declined, bankers and economists said. Banks were selling the U.S. dollar for between 16.1-16.2 ...altro » Leggi

Egypt raises customs dollar as greenback strengthens against ... - Ahram Online

Accordingly, Egypt's finance ministry lowered the customs dollar rate twice last month, first to EGP 16 then to EGP 15.75, to reflect the leap in the pound's value against the greenback. In January, the customs dollar was set at EGP 18.5 after the ... Leggi