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Interview: Could a convertible dinar revolutionise Algeria's economy? - The New Arab

But the convertibility of the Algerian dinar is a project people can rally around, because it will benefit each and every Algerian. A sick person seeking treatment abroad, or a father who wants his son or daughter to attend a foreign university, a ... Leggi

Algerian Central Bank allocates 80 bln USD loans to boost economy - Xinhua

... by the drop of oil prices, and shrink of the foreign exchange reserves, the Algerian government has resorted to a series of "easy money" policies to boost its national economy, which might provoke inflation and depreciate the value of the Algerian ...altro » Leggi

Decline of Algerian dinar adds to poverty, capital flight - The Arab Weekly

TUNIS - Algeria has steadily devalued its currency over the past 48 years, keeping most citizens poor, the country's economy dependent on imports and bringing about a new class of wealthy Algerians who invest abroad with smuggled foreign currencies. Leggi

Algerian tourism grant at its lowest level in 22 years - Middle East Monitor

Algerians heading abroad during August were shocked to receive no more than 100 Euro tourist grant, compared to 15,000 Algerian dinars, the lowest figure ever since it was set in 1996 against the Algerian dinar, 22 years ago. This new policy was met by ... Leggi

Algeria protects dinar as US dollar depreciates - The Arab Weekly

TUNIS - Algeria is artificially propping up the dinar to finance increased state spending in 2018 ahead of presidential elections. The move comes despite a spillover effect from the depreciation of the US dollar, which cancelled some of Algeria's gains ... Leggi

Tough Days Ahead for Algeria's Currency - The North Africa Post

The health of Algeria's currency, the dinar, has always been measured against oil prices. The end of the era of expensive oil in late 2014 has sent the dinar dwindling in value as Algeria continues to squander its oil mantra avoiding painful reforms to ... Leggi

Algeria: Blogger sentenced to 10 years for online posts - Amnesty International

Responding to the news that blogger Merzoug Touati was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 50,000 Algerian dinar (approximately USD $430) for online posts, Heba Morayef, Middle East and North Africa Regional Director at Amnesty International, ...altro » Leggi

Algeria tries to temper inflation after 'easy money' policy - The Arab Weekly

TUNIS - Algeria's Central Bank, trying to keep inflation under control, has put large amounts of money into circulation to cover the budget deficit and avoid relying on international lenders. The country's commitment to “economic nationalism ... Leggi

Algeria resorts to 'easy money' to avoid IMF's conditional reforms - The Arab Weekly

The Bank of Algeria pumped out $191 billion to plug budget gaps for 2017 and 2018, the country's official gazette reported. The government said it resorted to printing money to skip tough choices linked to borrowing from the IMF and to avoid increasing ... Leggi

Why Algeria's Oil Sector Isn't Booming - OilPrice.com

The sole fact that this deal took place is an acknowledgement of the many woes of present-day Algeria – against the background of a depreciating Algerian dinar, importing motor fuels is an increasingly costly business (the overall Nelson complexity of ...altro » Leggi