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Algeria At The Crossroads, Normal Bro! - The Arab Daily News (blog)

Algerian dinar hits a record low as the Central Bank works to curb imports. I looked at the young man waiting for the ticket to prove I'm legally on this bus. Well, I didn't get that ticket. I stared at a gentleman sitting next to me and asked naively ... Leggi

La dette fiscale actuelle s'élève à 2.500 milliards de DA (DGI) - Al Huffington Post

A picture taken on October 26, 2009 in Lyon, central France shows plates of false printed Algerian Dinar banknotes, shown during a press conference given after the police broke up a network of counterfeit currency. Twelve people were jailed and ... Leggi

Algeria dinar's fall hits finances, but may bring reserves benefits - Reuters

ALGIERS, May 31 Algeria's dinar currency has fallen to its lowest levels since independence from France, hit by lower energy prices that have sapped the OPEC producer's revenues. After a few weeks of stability, the dinar on May 25 hit a five decade, ...altro » Leggi

Algerian dinar hits record low as central bank seeks to curb imports - Al-Arabiya

The central bank, which keeps the dinar in a managed float against major currencies, hope the move will curb imports, which are expected to reach $57.3 billion in 2015, exceeding exports by their widest margin ever, a financial source told Reuters. Leggi

Algeria: Social Uproar & Anger Mounting, Country's Stability Threatened - Middle East Confidential

The country's dinar currency has also plummeted against the U.S. dollar and the Euro, hitting the bottom due to the 50 pc fall in the oil revenues. Algerian people have already started feeling the impact of the depreciation of the dinar, while foreign ... Leggi

ALGERIA : Noah-Tarek Kouninef is number one in e-banking - Africa Intelligence (subscription)

While his brother Redha Kouninef is busy consolidating his KOUGC construction empire (see here), Noah-Tarek Kouninef, 42, is in the process of establishing a virtual monopoly over Algeria's booming e-banking market. ... In April, Monetix won the tender ...altro » Leggi

Social Crisis Ensues in Algeria as Oil Prices Drop: French Newspaper - Morocco World News

Fluctuations in the price of oil can thus significantly impact Algeria's economy. This year, the article notes, hydrocarbon exports have brought in $6 billion dollars less than they brought in last year. Between 2014 and 2015, the Algerian dinar also ... Leggi

EconomyAlgeria replaces central bank chief amid oil slump - Financial Times

Algeria has replaced Mohamed Laksaci, the country's central bank governor who has been the target of much public criticism, some of it from the governing coalition over the depreciation of the dinar, the Algerian currency. Mr Laksaci, who occupied his ... Leggi

Oil woes: In Algeria, the time for 'sacrifices' has come - Middle East Eye

ALGIERS – A potent combination of inflation, currency depreciation, and the sharp decline in oil prices has hurt the Algerian economy, with many having to cut back on food and expenditures. “With our three children, it is really hard to get through ... Leggi

A Much Needed New Economic Paradigm For Algeria - Huffington Post

Algeria is lately facing a dramatic setback to its ambitious plan to build a modern nation and economy with its large infrastructure investment program, like all countries that rely heavily on oil and gas. Algerian annual revenues have fallen by 50 ... Leggi