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European politics put Danish krone back in the spotlight - Financial Times

Already, the krone is hovering around two-year highs against the euro, albeit within the painfully narrow range that the peg allows. Later this week, the Danish central bank is due to release an update on the size of its foreign currency reserves, a ... Leggi

Denmark steps up defence of krone peg with DKr4.7bn intervention - Financial Times

If demand for Danish kroner continues to increase, the central bank will keep selling Danish kroner in the FX market, boosting its currency reserves. On the other hand, we do not expect the central bank to make an independent rate cut due to the ... Leggi

Denmark Was Like Greece, Now It's Really Happy - Bloomberg

“Even though Denmark is not a frequent issuer in foreign currency we have access to the international capital markets should the need arise,” Nielsen said. Denmark still has about 600 billion kroner of government bonds issued in Danish kroner, with ...altro » Leggi

Denmark frees itself from foreign debt - Newstalk 106-108 fm

Massive central bank interventions to keep the Danish krone pegged to the euro had been depleting FX reserves – the undertaking of foreign loans kept these reserves at adequate levels. The fact no more loans were required allowed for the repayment of ...altro » Leggi

Denmark rids itself of foreign debt for first time in 183 years - Financial Times

Historically, Denmark has raised foreign currency debt to bulk up its FX reserves but vast amounts of currency intervention in recent years – designed to keep a lid on its krone peg with the euro – led Danish FX reserves to hit an all-time record back ... Leggi

In Denmark, Passage of Rules on Immigration Called for Cake - The ... - New York Times

Inger Stolberg, the country's integration minister, celebrated the 50th regulation against immigration, spurring a public outcry — and praise.altro » Leggi

'Godfather' of Danish football jailed - The Daily Star

Ostergaard was sentenced to 18 months behind bars and fined 9 million Danish Krone (1.2m euros) for manipulating the stock market price of Parken Sport & Entertainment, owner of the club and stadium, in 2007 and 2008. "The Court of Appeal found it had ...altro » Leggi

It's The Euro Wot Done It - Denmark Pays Off All Foreign Debt - Forbes - Forbes

Well, more accurately, Denmark's government, the central bank, has paid off all foreign debt. And this is all down to the effects of the euro, nothing else.altro » Leggi

Danish smartphone start-up ID2me flops after a year - The Local Denmark

The phone was initially sold in Danish branches of the Scandinavian electronics giant Elgiganten, but the chain stopped stocking it after just two months when the company was forced to slash the phone's price from 4,000 to 3,000 Danish krone ($570-$430). Leggi

Swedish GDP, Norwegian Labour Market Data, Danish FX Reserve ... -

Market Overview Analysis by Danske Markets covering: . Read Danske Markets's latest article on » Leggi