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Argentine peso overtakes lira to be worst-performing EM currency - Financial Times

... down 2.7 per cent, followed by a 2.5 per cent drop for the South African rand. Other South American currencies were hurting, too. Next worst were the Chilean peso, down 1.8 per cent, Brazilian real, down 1 per cent, and Colombian peso, down 0.8 per ...altro » Leggi

Colombia Profits From Oil Boom, But Challenges Remain -

... which accounts for approximately 60 percent of Colombia's hydrocarbons production, has coincided with increased activity in the wider industry, encouraged by more promising global oil prices and a progressive devaluation of the Colombian peso. Leggi

Bancolombia: Favorable Economic Conditions May Provide Excess ... - Seeking Alpha

The company's major operations are in Colombia, and it has tertiary operations in other Latin American countries. The country is undergoing political changes and enacting measures that should provide political stability. The stock is subject to ... Leggi

Colombia says 2019 budget proposal has $8.6 bln shortfall - Nasdaq

BOGOTA, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Colombia's finance minister said on Wednesday that the former government's proposed budget for next year, currently being debated in congress, falls short of necessary spending by some 25.6 trillion pesos ($8.6 billion ... Leggi

Goldman Model Hints at More Pain for Some EM Currencies - Bloomberg

The slump has made the Brazilian real, Mexican peso, South African rand and Russian ruble look cheap on a trade-weighted basis, according to Goldman analysts. Meanwhile, the Turkish lira has overshot the depreciation required by the country's economic ...altro » Leggi

Rupee depreciates 14% YTD, but outperforms peso, lira, real, rand -

Turmoil in emerging market currencies like Argentine peso and Turkish lira is also one of the reasons that putting pressure on rupee. Apart from that, currency experts and reports indicate some overvaluation in Indian rupee along with Colombian peso ...altro » Leggi

SNAPSHOT: Latin America's largest economies - Global Fleet

Colombia has a GDP of US$286 billion (US$5,766 per capita) and its currency is the Colombian peso (COP). Leading the country is President Iván Duque Márquez who was just sworn in on August 7, 2018. Its interest, inflation, and unemployment rates are ...altro » Leggi

Emerging-Market Stocks Were Pummeled This Week - Bloomberg

The selloff pummeling emerging market currencies shifted to stocks as contagion concerns weighed on risk assets and President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs on an additional $267 billion of Chinese goods. MSCI Inc.'s EM equities gauge ...altro » Leggi

EM currencies are starting to look cheap: macro risk tapers off - Asia Times

The maximum Sharpe Ratio EM carry portfolio as of this morning is shown in the chart below. Predictably, the South African rand (ZAR), Turkish lira (TRY), Brazilian real (BRL) and Colombian peso (COP) all are either negative or zero positions; the ... Leggi

Crashing currency chaos spreads across the Global South - Asia Times

... are firmly within Washington's orbit. Now, compare it with currencies that are gaining against the US dollar: the Ukrainian hryvnia, the Georgian lari and the Colombian peso. Not exactly G20 heavyweights – and all of them also inside Washington's ...altro » Leggi