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Cocaine Cartels Among the Big Winners From Colombian Peso Drop - Bloomberg

The weaker currency has kept prices up for Colombian coca farmers amid the surge in output. The price of a kilo of coca paste, an unrefined form of cocaine produced by the farmers, fell in 2016 to $621, from $1,011 in 2013, according to the United ...altro » Leggi

Two issuers tap primaries for US$900m equivalent - Times of India

Banco Davivienda has announced on a five-year Colombian peso 144A/RegS bond ahead of expected pricing on Thursday. Expected ratings are Baa3/BBB. Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citigroup are acting as leads. IPTs of high 7% area. GUIDANCE: ... Leggi

EMERGING MARKETS-Mexico peso hits 4-month low ahead of ... - Reuters

The peso fell 0.7 percent to 18.675 to the dollar, roughly in line with losses on the Brazilian and Colombian currencies. Demand for high-yielding assets has waned since Friday, when data showing rising U.S. wages fueled bets that the Federal Reserve ...altro » Leggi

US Should Stop Blaming Colombia For Its Drug Problems - Worldcrunch

The UNODC, for its part, cites multiple causes, including the relative failure of substitution programs, the Colombian peso's fall against the U.S. dollar and the state's absence in areas where the FARC were formerly present or in charge. Still, the ...altro » Leggi

Green Man Gaming Launches Two New Websites in Latin America - PR Newswire (press release)

These new currencies include Brazilian Real (BRL), Mexican Peso (MXN), Argentine Peso (ARS), Peruvian Sol (PEN), Chilean Peso (CLP), Colombian Peso (COP), Chinese Yuan (CNY), South Korean Won (KRW), Turkish Lira (TRY), Malaysian Ringgit ...altro » Leggi

Mexico peso weakness no longer a certainty as elections approach - Nasdaq

... who has been convicted for corruption, may be barred from running if a higher court upholds his conviction. The Colombian peso is expected to trade at 3,065, the Chilean peso at 635, the Argentine peso at 18.2 and the Peruvian sol at 3.33 in 12 months.altro » Leggi

China has the most overvalued currency in the world, according to ... - Business Insider

"On the other hand, many emerging market currencies have undershot their DBeer equilibrium values, with the Malaysian ringgit, Taiwanese dollar, Polish Zloty, Turkish lira, Chilean peso, Colombian peso, Mexican peso and Peruvian sol all significantly ... Leggi

The Daily Prophet: Fed Have You Down? JPMorgan Has a Pick-Me ... - Bloomberg

This is the kind of economic boost that Colombia would probably rather avoid. A falling currency in general make a nation's exports more competitive, but in the case of Colombia's peso its decline is serving mainly to boost shipments of cocaine ... Leggi

COLOMBIA: Colcap Closes Slightly Down Due To Bancolombia And ... - Markets Insider

... the day at 2,943.45 Colombian pesos, marking a 0.22% rise, due to the fall in oil prices abroad. Andres Fonseca, an analyst at Acciones y Valores, said that the falling crude devalues emerging currencies like the Colombian peso against the greenback.altro » Leggi

Davivienda sells global peso as Latins line up local currency test - GlobalCapital

Davivienda sells global peso as Latins line up local currency test. Colombian lender Banco Davivienda sold $500m-equivalent of peso-denominated bonds in global markets on Thursday to kick off an expected flurry of global local currency deals from Latin ... Leggi