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Exclusive: Trump calls Chinese 'grand champions' of currency ... - Reuters

During his presidential campaign Trump frequently accused China of keeping its currency artificially low against the dollar to make Chinese exports cheaper, "stealing" American manufacturing jobs. But Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin told CNBC on ... Leggi

China hits back at Donald Trump's 'champion of currency ... - The Guardian

[But] as a matter of fact, the Chinese yuan has seen a 13% devaluation since last year,” Zhu said, pointing out that Trump had previously also accused South Korea and Japan of manipulating their currencies. Christopher Balding, a Peking University ... Leggi

Chinese yuan strengthens for second day - Xinhua | - Xinhua

BEIJING, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- The central parity rate of the Chinese currency, the renminbi or the yuan, strengthened on Friday for the second consecutive day ... Leggi

Chinese yuan strengthens on weaker dollar - South China Morning Post

The People's Bank of China on Thursday set the yuan reference point slightly stronger, up 3 basis points or 0.004 per cent stronger at 6.8629 against the US dollar. It is the fourth day running that the Chinese central bank has strengthened the reference. Leggi

China's yuan outflow pressure eases as dollar softens - South China Morning Post

The central bank will tolerate a certain range of yuan deprecation to maintain the foreign reserve level, but when the outflows approach tolerable limits, more capital account restrictions would be installed, Chen said. Chinese authorities have stepped ... Leggi

Chinese yuan continues its fall against the US dollar - South China Morning Post

China's offshore yuan slumped to a one-month low, dipping for a fifth day in a row as the gap widened between offshore and onshore yuan with as the dollar strengthening. Offshore yuan in Hong Kong declined to trade at the weakest level in a month of ... Leggi

China will 'keep bleeding money,' UBS strategist says - CNBC

The Chinese currency has been under pressure in the last year as Chinese conglomerates snap up U.S. and European companies, while Chinese individuals purchase U.S. real estate amid political uncertainties and expectations of a weaker yuan. Leggi

China Has Got the Yuan in a Sweet Spot - Bloomberg

The nation's authorities have let the currency rise enough against the U.S. dollar to put a spanner in President Donald Trump's assertion that China deliberately undervalues its exchange rate. At the same time, it has weakened against a trade-weighted ... Leggi

China's yuan falls slightly after weaker midpoint setting - - Nasdaq

HONG KONG, Feb 22- China's yuan fell slightly against the U.S. dollar after the central bank set a weaker midpoint on Wednesday, but trading stayed. Leggi

China yuan down, depreciation fears persist even as Trump sets to ... - THE BUSINESS TIMES

[SHANGHAI] China's yuan weakened against the US dollar on Friday, with news the Mr Trump administration is stepping up efforts to improve US-China relations setting up a period of possible fresh catalysts for the currency market. US President Donald ... Leggi