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Trade barriers continue to shake up European long products markets - CRU Steel News

The Belarusian Ruble (BYR) has depreciated significantly over the past year, which has helped support export competitiveness. If the BYR remains weak, we think that Belarus still has some scope to export into the EU, especially into very nearby ... Leggi

Belarus' refinancing rate down to 15% per annum - Belarus News (BelTA)

The Belarusian ruble strengthened thanks to a robust supply of the foreign currency which far surpassed the demand on the domestic currency market, mainly due to the sale of foreign currency by individuals. The monetary factors continued holding ... Leggi

Belarus' central bank to reduce refinancing rate on 15 March - Belarus News (BelTA)

The inflation slowed down as the Belarusian ruble strengthened in January-February due to a significant excess of foreign currency demand over supply on the domestic currency market. The net foreign currency supply was formed mainly due to the sale of ...altro » Leggi

How the Sanctions Are Helping Putin - Politico

Proponents of the sanctions insist that they must stay in place until Russian President Vladimir Putin relinquishes his claim to Crimea and stops meddling in Ukraine, the demands for the latter laid out in the Minsk Agreement signed in Belarus in ...altro » Leggi

World Paper Money News – Belarusian Ruble Redenominated July 1, 2016 - CoinWeek (blog)

Beginning on July 1, 2016, the legal tender of the Republic of Belarus – the Belarusian ruble – has been redenominated. A corresponding decision was taken by Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus (No.450 dated November 4, 2015). Leggi

Economists Predict Another Devaluation - Charter 97

Belarusian currency exchange rate was at a record high yesterday. One USD dollar cost less than 1.9 rubles at currency exchange market. The famous economist Lanid Zaika commented on the situation on the Onliner.by website. – Many has considered this ... Leggi

Cross Out Zeroes: Minsk Redenominates Belarusian Ruble by Ratio of 10000:1 - Sputnik International

"Starting from July 1, 2016, the Republic of Belarus is conducting the redenomination of its official currency unit — the Belarusian ruble. The banknotes from the 2000 series currently in circulation will be gradually replaced by banknotes and coins ...altro » Leggi

What Will Happen To Dollar Exchange Rate In Belarus? - Charter 97

A significant excess of foreign currency supply against demand has ensured the stability of the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble. What will happen next? There are two scenarios prepared by the government for events in the foreign exchange market. Leggi

Why the redenomination of the Belarusian Ruble matters - Global Risk Insights

The announcement of the redenomination of the Belarusian Ruble, coming against the backdrop of high inflation rates, creates further potential integration of Belarusian and Russian markets. President Alexander Lukashenko announced on November 4th ...altro » Leggi

Small Change: After Two Decades, Belarus Brings Back Its Coins - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

But small change returns on July 1 as part of a currency redenomination that is slicing four zeros off the Belarusian ruble, albeit with no indication that policymakers in Minsk can boost the country's struggling economy or shore up the new rate. What ...altro » Leggi