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US Couldn't Defeat Venezuela, Neither Will OAS: Bolivia's Evo - teleSUR English

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Friday expressed solidarity with Venezuela against the latest aggressions by the head of the Organization of American States, OAS, his attempts to overthrow the democratically-elected government. RELATED: Venezuela ...altro » Leggi

Thousands of Bolivians Mobilize To Demand Access to Pacific - teleSUR English

Thousands of Bolivians participated in the "March of the Blue Hearts" convoked by the country's Marine on Monday, in solidarity with the government's longstanding demand to regain access to the Pacific Ocean recently presented to the International ... Leggi

Drought Crisis Shows Mother Earth Is Thirsty and Bolivians Are Suffering - teleSUR English

Low rainfall and the effects of a changing climate have helped fuel Bolivia's worst drought in 25 years. The drought has parched many of the country's resources, quickened the drying of lakes, devastated crops and livestock and is estimated to have ...altro » Leggi

Lost Tourist Says Monkeys Saved Him in the Amazon - National Geographic

Rurrenabaque, BoliviaIn the Bolivian Amazon, where vast rivers wind endlessly through mountainous terrain and a thick blanket of fog creeps through the trees, the locals say the jungle can swallow you in a second. Venture too far and you may never find ... Leggi

Bolivia's Tsimane have healthiest hearts: study -

Most Searched. body : Layout 27 : Cell 1. NewsBolivia 18 March 2017. Bolivia's Tsimane have healthiest hearts: study. Scientists say findings underline significance of lowering risk factors for heart disease such as smoking and drinking. 18 Mar 2017 11 ... Leggi

Bolivia's Desperate Miners Are Doing Desperate Things—Like Murder - Bloomberg

“They've taken me hostage, minister,” Illanes said, speaking on the phone to Carlos Romero, Bolivia's minister of government affairs. “I was just entering Mantecani alone, and I was counting how many miners were on the hillsides. …” He'd left the ... Leggi

Bolivian President Signs Law Doubling Land Used to Grow Coca - Voice of America

The measure raises the limit of coca crops Bolivian farmers can plant, from 12,000 hectares to 22,000 hectares. Morales is a former coca farmer. He still leads a coalition of coca farmers in Bolivia's Chapare area. Coca is the main ingredient in the ... Leggi

Bolivian government complains to France over Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Metro

In our review of the Ghost Recon: Wildlands closed beta we already questioned why the game had chosen to set itself in Bolivia, rather than just make up the name of a fictional country. And now the government of Bolivia is asking exactly the same thing. Leggi

Bolivian lawmakers pass bill to nearly double legal coca area - Reuters

LA PAZ Bolivia's Senate on Friday passed a bill to nearly double the amount of land that can legally be planted with coca, bringing the South American nation's expected production to 30,000 tonnes of leaves. The bill, which was approved by the Andean ... Leggi

Decades after he died, pre-WWII files reveal unlikely heroism of 'Bolivian Schindler' - The Times of Israel

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AFP) — Old files have revealed the story of a businessman hailed as the “Bolivian Schindler” for helping thousands of Jews flee to the South American country to escape the Nazis. Piles of documents had stood stacked for decades in the ...altro » Leggi