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Bolivia's San Pedro 'tourist prison', 20 years on - BBC News

It is 20 years since Bolivia's chaotic San Pedro Prison became a tourist attraction, a place where backpackers stayed for weeks and partied with inmates. The story was immortalised in a best-selling book, Marching Powder, and now the book's protagonist ... Leggi

Protests over Morales expose divisions among Bolivians -

La Paz, Bolivia - Waving a big Bolivian flag on a wooden stick, 59-year-old Blanca Penaranda walks in front of thousands of people towards the Plaza San Francisco, the main square in the Bolivian capital, La Paz. More people join the protest from other ... Leggi

Bolivia Set to Nearly Double Land Allowed for Coca - Voice of America

Bolivia's Senate passed a bill Friday to nearly double the amount of land that can legally be planted with coca, bringing the South American nation's expected production to 30,000 tons of leaves. The bill, which was approved by the Andean nation's ... Leggi

Bolivia, Russia Building Peaceful Nuclear Research Center - teleSUR English

Sazonov added that Russian scientists will train their Bolivian counterparts in using advanced nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, such as energy, medicine, and civil engineering. Russia will award 20 state-funded scholarships to train young ... Leggi

Evo's Bolivia Slams Israel's Trump-Style 'Apartheid Wall' - teleSUR English

“We call for the recognition of the full, sovereign, free and independent form of the Palestinian State,” Bolivian Plurinational Legislative Assembly representative Romina Perez Ramos said at the International Conference in Support of the Palestinian ... Leggi

Bolivia's Evo Morales Slams Chile For Pinochet-Era Constitution - teleSUR English

Bolivian President Evo Morales lashed out Thursday against the Chilean government for upholding a constitution created under the bloody Pinochet regime, just days before he flies to The Hague to defend Bolivia's sovereign right to access the sea. Leggi

Cartoons and calendars help Bolivian farmers dampen fire risk - Reuters

TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A mix of high-tech satellite data and brightly colored cartoons is helping subsistence farmers around Riberalta in Bolivia's northern Amazon pick the best time to burn off their land and reduce the risk of ...altro » Leggi

Bolivia Fights Locust Plague Threatening Corn, Sorghum Harvests - Voice of America

The locusts, first reported in late January in Bolivia's eastern grains belt, have affected around 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres) of crops and 500 producers, said Vicente Gutierrez, president of a corn and sorghum producers group. Government authorities ... Leggi

The Growing Resistance to Megadams in Bolivia - NACLA (blog)

Last November, representatives of 17 indigenous communities held a vigil at the site of two megadams—El Chepete and El Bala—that President Evo Morales plans to build in Bolivia's Amazonian region. The protesters blocked access to the site by Geodata, ... Leggi

Evo's Bolivia Confiscates 'Criminal' US Weapons Cargo - teleSUR English

The weapons cargo was found in the double bottom of a trailer vehicle. It contained 34 long arms, including rifles and machine guns with telescopic sight, Bolivia's National Customs reports. Police also discovered 41 pistols and cell phones worth US$46 ... Leggi