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Electric car boom fuels interest in Bolivia's fragile salt flats - The Guardian

At the moment, Bolivia's salt plain is a shimmering white elephant, with just a few pilot extraction projects under way. These include a lithium carbonate project spearheaded by German company K-UTEC Ag Salt Technologies and a battery manufacturing ... Leggi

Bolivia using royalties for exploration - Business News Americas (subscription)

Bolivian state mining company Comibol, which is struggling to boost zinc, tin and silver output, plans to spend 120mn bolivianos (US$17mn) on exploration this year, a senior government official said. The funds will come from the country's mining ... Leggi

Traditional Bolivian healers tackle diabetes crisis -

La Paz, Bolivia - Diabetes is fast becoming a national crisis in Bolivia. Nearly 500,000 Bolivians, some 4.5 percent of the population, suffer from the disease and a change of diet is being blamed. With many diabetics also rejecting modern medicine ...altro » Leggi

In Bolivia, an Entrenched President - New York Times

The scandal was emblematic of the cronyism and corruption that has soured many Bolivians on Mr. Morales. But instead of acknowledging as much, the president's allies in law enforcement sent the woman, Gabriela Zapata, to jail in an effort to silence her.altro » Leggi

With melting glaciers and mining, Bolivia's water is running dangerously low - PRI

Bolivia's government says the country is suffering from its worst drought in 25 years. It's gotten so bad that President Evo Morales declared a national state of emergency, tightened up water rationing, fired a top water official and drew up ...altro » Leggi

Bolivian Apertura, national team bring 2016 to an end in entertaining fashion - ESPN FC (blog)

In that tournament, Bolivia reached the quarterfinals for the first time since 1997. But coach Mauricio Soria was accused of inciting players and coaching staff to protest to receive more bonus money. Soria was sacked and then offered a reprieve as the ...altro » Leggi

Severe Bolivian drought hurts crops, threatens capital - Fox News

But this season, all that could be seen was the straw color of dried-out stalks that never germinated amid Bolivia's worst drought in 30 years. Nearby a collection of scrawny cows, with their ribs protruding and flaccid udders, grazed on what little ...altro » Leggi

Evo Morales seeks to defy Bolivia's constitution, Latin America's rightward shift - Washington Times

At a time when leftist populism was supposed to be receding in Latin America, Bolivian President Evo Morales is trying to buck the trend by announcing his intention to seek an unprecedented fourth presidential term. Even though 52 percent of Bolivians ... Leggi

Fourteen tons of marijuana burned in Bolivia - Times of Malta

The drugs were brought together from around the region and cumulatively made up roughly two hectares of land, according to Bolivia's Special Narcotrafficking Forces (FELCN). "It's the first time we have found a field of marijuana of this size for this ...altro » Leggi

Pilot and airline to blame for Colombia plane crash, Bolivian investigation finds - The Guardian

“LaMia and the pilot are directly responsible for what happened with this tragic event,” said Bolivia's public works minister, Milton Claros, who oversees Bolivia's aviation authority. Gustavo Vargas Gamboa, LaMia's chief executive, was jailed pending ... Leggi