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Old Rivalries Still Simmer Between Bolivia and Chile - Stratfor ... - STRATFOR

For centuries, relations between Bolivia and Chile have been marked by their dispute over territory. Bolivia's defeat by Chile in the War of the Pacific (1879-83) ... Leggi

US Funds 'Terrorist' Separatist Groups in Bolivia: Evo Morales ... - teleSUR English

The Bolivian leader accused Washington of supporting separatism in his country in 2008. Leggi

Mountaineering in Bolivia: new climb in little known Cordillera Quimsa Cruz - Planetmountain

When the school holidays arrived the Bolivian children returned to their families and we began considering the final stage of the expedition together with Topio and some children from the Missionary, namely Davide Vitali, Rosmel Varillas Acuna and ... Leggi

Too Little Too Late? Bolivia, Brazil to Boost Efforts Against Criminal Migration -

In addition to the PCC, which is thought to have the strongest foreign criminal presence in Bolivia with an estimated 1,500 members, Bolivian authorities have identified two other Brazilian criminal groups operating in Bolivia: the Red Command (Comando ... Leggi

Brazilian study urges Petrobras to cut Bolivian natural gas purchases - Reuters

PetrĂ³leo Brasileiro SAshould cut the maximum amount of natural gas it buysfrom neighboring Bolivia in half in an effort to encouragedomestic importers and ...altro » Leggi

Bolivia's Evo Morales plans lithium mining offensive - Deutsche Welle

That prospect is driving Bolivia, which is considered to have the largest reserves of the metal, to keep lithium under strict state control. Bolivian President Evo Morales sees a prosperous future for his currently impoverished South American nation ... Leggi

Morales Declares 'Total Independence' from World Bank and IMF ... - teleSUR English

Since 2006, a year after Morales came to power, social spending on health, education, and poverty programs has increased by over 45 percent. Leggi

Bolivia to Release Two Chilean Policemen Arrested at Border - teleSUR English

The President of Bolivia's Senate, Jose Alberto Gonzales, had said the men had entered Bolivian territory without permission about 8 kilometers from the border, in the southern province of Potosi. They then allegedly resisted arrest and attempted to ... Leggi

Bolivia's Evo Calls US 'Military Empire,' Slams US-Chile Naval ... - teleSUR English

The maneuvers, which began on July 1, include anti-terrain and anti-submarine operations. Leggi

UN Anti-Drug Officials Warn of Increase in Bolivian Coca Production - PanAm Post

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has expressed concern about a 14-percent increase in areas devoted to coca leaf cultivation in Bolivia.altro » Leggi