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Bolivian president's new residence is as imposing as it is divisive ... - The Guardian

From any vantage point in Bolivia's largest city, Evo Morales' new presidential residence is hard to miss. The 29-storey glass-fronted skyscraper towers over the ... Leggi

If you haven't tasted Bolivian wines, you're in for some delicious surprises - Washington Post

My most recent discovery is Bolivia. Bolivian wine shouldn't be a surprise, if you look at a map: The country continues the northward arc of the Andes mountains and the vineyard lands of Argentina's Mendoza, La Rioja and Salta regions. And like ...altro » Leggi

Bolivia's presidential regalia stolen from car in red-light district -

Bolivia's first Congress gave the medallion to South American independence hero Simon Bolivar, after whom the country is named, in the early 19th century. The theft comes just days after Sweden's crown jewels were stolen in a Hollywood-style heist in ... Leggi

Why Chile is leading South America in lithium production - CNNMoney

But the more significant holdback for Bolivia's lithium industry is the political climate. President Evo Morales is eager to tap into the country's natural resources, but with an important caveat: Bolivia must get the lion's share of economic benefit ...altro » Leggi

An Independent Bolivia (Photo Essay) - NACLA

This includes politicians and businessmen from Bolivia's eastern-bourgeois bloc in the lowlands, which consolidated itself between October 2003 and June 2005 in an effort to counter left-Indigenous agendas espoused by Evo during the Gas Wars and the ... Leggi

Bolivia's Cordillera Real: An uncrowded alternative to the Inca Trail - CNN

At almost 15,500 feet above sea level, the camp was among the highest -- and coldest -- stops of our six-day trek through Bolivia's Cordillera Real, and temperatures had dropped far below freezing overnight, turning our water bottles into solid ice ... Leggi

Fighting for Democracy: A Lesson From Bolivia - The New Republic

On Monday more than 25 opposition groups flooded the streets of colonial Potosí to disrupt the government's official celebration of Bolivia's independence day. It had snowed in the city on Saturday, and melting snowmen decorated the main plaza. Leggi

Bolivian mother hangs children after taping their goodbyes - The Straits Times

LA PAZ (AFP) - A 25-year-old Bolivian woman hanged her three children after making them record goodbye messages to their father on video, police reported Thursday (Aug 16). The woman hanged her one-year old baby, and her two other children aged ...altro » Leggi

Sinosteel Equipment begins construction at Bolivia's Mutun steelworks - S&P Global Platts

Sao Paulo — China's Sinosteel Equipment began construction of steelworks near Bolivia's Mutun iron ore mine on Wednesday, more than three months after government authorization, the Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons and Energy said Thursday. Leggi

Bolivian Fairtrade co-op starts distributing gourmet chocolate in the UK - Co-operative News

The co-op's distributer in the UK, Sandra Rice, who was born in Bolivia but now lives in the UK, says the altitude gives the chocolate a distinct flavour. El Ceibo farmer members (Photo: El Ceibo). “Every Bolivian knows about chocolate,” she said. “I ... Leggi